An online prescription service streamlines compliance in telemedicine with Persona

With Persona, an online prescription service meets HIPAA standards, navigates complex state-by-state legal requirements, and more.

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By integrating virtual doctor consultations, prescription fulfillments, and delivery services, this online prescription service improves access to women’s health. In an industry that is chock-full of inefficiencies, it should come as no surprise that demand for online pharmaceutical subscription services is at an all time high. To keep up with growing demand and ensure compliance, the service needed an identity platform robust enough to meet stringent and fragmented verification requirements.

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Online prescription service

Identity verification that navigates complex state-by-state legal requirements

In an effort to stem the rise of prescription drug abuse, states enacted drug identification laws that require identity verification before dispensing medication. These laws vary when it comes to specifying the form or necessary elements of required identification, making it difficult for digital pharmacies to serve patients across multiple states.

The Persona team was able to customize their solution to work within our existing manual review process. They helped us every step of the way to ensure that our patient support team was able to continue to provide verification services and create tools that worked within our EHR system.

Comprehensive ID coverage for healthcare compliance

There is no uniformity between states about what is required for healthcare compliance reasons. Certain states mandate that valid IDs need to be government-issued, while others suggest that valid IDs should simply include a photograph of the recipient.

With fully automated verification support for driver’s licenses, state IDs, passports, and even work permits, Persona enables the service to accept many forms of government-issued IDs from all US states and territories. To expand ID coverage, the organization also leverages Persona’s Secure Document Submission so that users are free to submit other forms of identification to meet requirements.

Persona also worked with us to ensure that all forms of clinically valid documents were able to work within their system. They were communicative, collaborative, and comprehensive in thinking through our needs.

Integrated checks and workflows to accommodate a range of situations

Persona performs a wide range of inspections, such as expiration detection, color/layout analysis, and image tamper detection. To tailor its solution, the company configured Persona Workflows to trigger different actions based on the verification result (e.g. to flag IDs for review that failed because they were expired; to notify its team when a non government-issued ID is submitted).

Security and privacy that meet HIPAA standards

HIPAA requires healthcare companies to enact technical, physical, and administrative safeguards for protected health information (PHI). These safeguards are intended to protect privacy, integrity, and accessibility of user data.

Persona’s identity platform is SOC 2 Type II certified, the gold standard of security and privacy for SaaS providers. Going above and beyond, Persona also performs annual third party audits of security and vulnerabilities to ensure that sensitive information is protected.

Ready for whatever the future holds

Given unprecedented circumstances introduced by COVID-19, telemedicine has seen a sudden and dramatic surge in usage and many companies are struggling to keep up. With fully automated verifications that complete on average in under seven seconds, the prescription service knows that it can handle any demand spikes without interfering with user experience, and that it is staying compliant with state by state regulations.

On a global scale, 2020 has truly revealed that drastic changes can come suddenly and with little warning. The identity space is constantly evolving and organizations have realized the need not only for a comprehensive and robust identity platform, but also for a trusted long term partner. Whether change comes in the form of novel viruses or sweeping regulatory changes, Persona is committed to collaborating with all digital health organizations to remove any and all barriers toward healthcare access.

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