Manual Review Hub

Manual Review Hub

Make informed decisions with manual review

Tackle everything from routine manual review to your toughest edge cases with Persona’s customizable identity hub and robust library of drag-and-drop investigation modules.

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Tailor manual review to your business needs

Make manual review decisions more accurate, efficient, and seamless by designing an optimal experience for investigating KYC and KYB cases.
Surface priority cases for manual review during KYC/KYB onboarding
Easily manage case volume by building automated decisioning workflows that flag and automatically assign cases requiring manual review investigation.
Consolidate relevant data
Build a unified view of a user or business by merging active, passive, and behavioral risk signals, including any third-party or internal data.
Configure your investigation process
Create dynamic case templates for each case type and audience segment. Further customize the review process by defining assignment rules and resolution statuses.
Make informed decisions
Decide whether to approve, deny, or escalate a case. Handle any follow ups, from filing SARs to updating a Zendesk ticket, within Persona.

Avoid unnecessary caseload

Automatically resolve simple cases and investigate complex ones. Increase conversion by manually approving cases that would otherwise be auto-declined by rigid decisioning rules due to user error.

Build the process you need for mission-critical decisions

Select from a robust library of drag-and-drop investigation modules to understand the user behind the data. Configure who has access to PII and how cases are assigned or escalated.
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Unlock a single source of truth

Bring in third-party data via custom integrations to build a holistic view of users or businesses. Collect additional documentation, follow up with users, and collaborate in real-time with other agents — all in one place.
Cases is the homebase for all of our fraud investigations. We like to think of it as this essential hub of information for our fraud teams. We can get a high level understanding of all investigations very quickly, but deep dive as needed.
Fraud intelligence manager at Newton

Everything you need for manual review

Get all the modules your team needs to review, escalate, and decide on cases.
Automated workflows
Automate simple cases with custom decision flows and flexible rule sets, and surface priority cases for manual review.
Dynamic templates
Customize your case views based on the depth of investigation needed. Dynamically change case modules based on conditional criteria.
Automatic audit logging
Maintain an audit trail documenting user interactions, emails, and investigation events in an easy to understand timeline.
Granular control over PII
Stay compliant by limiting access to sensitive data at the template, module, or field level.
Streamlined user communication
See previous user activity, send and receive emails, and collect documentation — all in one place.
Multi-stage review for escalations
Automatically route cases by setting up dynamic review steps for escalations and team availability.
Flexible integrations
Get all the context you need by bringing in any 3rd party data via custom integrations with technical partnership from Persona.
SLAs and notifications
Ensure timely resolution of high-priority cases with SLAs and notifications for important events.
Productivity metrics
Optimize your manual review process with an intuitive dashboard for analyzing productivity metrics, such as case resolution time.

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