Supercharge your operations

Customize and streamline your manual review operations. Investigate, manage, and audit user identity in one hub.

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Create custom investigation processes

Set up hyper-tailored case views and templates for each case type to streamline the manual review process. Surface the right information so your agents can make better and faster decisions.


Merge disparate data sources by combining user data with active, passive, and behavioral risk signals, including any internal business data — to build a unified view of identity.


Create case templates for each case type and audience segment, then further customize the review process by defining custom assignment rules and resolution statuses.


Configure and easily update agent views and checklists. Surface only the needed case details to protect user data and improve agent efficiency.


Allow agents to request additional information or leave notes from their case view before manually approving, declining, or escalating a case.

Speed up manual reviews while maintaining assurance

Streamline your manual review operations by consolidating all case-related data — regardless of source — into one unified agent view. Ensure a consistent, accurate, and scalable review process for your team by creating custom checklists.

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Optimize performance with robust insights

Gain actionable insights and optimize team performance with continuous productivity and case metrics. Share results across your business to fine-tune your automated decisioning and manual review processes.

Resolution time 95% 4h
The biggest pain points we were able to solve were the automation of the manual review piece and accuracy piece. Checking 4,000 IDs on a weekly basis manually leads to human errors. Persona helps flag the cases we need to pay attention to and automates the rest.
Kardelen Güner
Head of Tutor Success at Preply

Preply automates identity verification to massively expand its global tutor network

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