Bring your ideal manual review process to life

Review, investigate, and decide on cases in a single configurable hub while understanding the real humans behind each case.

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Build the process your team needs, not the process your tools support

Make agents more efficient with hyper-tailored case views and templates. Identify and eliminate bottlenecks with analytics, so your team can focus on the cases that matter.
1. Consolidate
Build a unified view of identity by merging user data with active, passive, and behavioral risk signals, including any third-party or internal systems.
2. Customize
Create case templates for each case type and audience segment, then further customize the review process by defining custom assignment rules and resolution statuses.
3. Review
Configure and easily update agent views and checklists. Surface only the needed case details to protect user data and improve agent efficiency.
4. Act
Empower agents to take action with third-party macros, like updating a Zendesk ticket or requesting more info, before deciding on a case.

Get a holistic view of any investigation

Get a 360° view without context switching by surfacing data from Persona and third-party systems. Dynamically display identity data and behavioral risk signals while keeping sensitive data hidden.

Un-silo your review process and reduce the operational burden

Say goodbye to painful back and forths within your team with seamless collaboration and escalation. Once a decision is made, close the loop for customers with third-party macros. Use performance insights to further optimize and fine-tune the review process for efficiency gains.

Case management tailored to your specific needs

Build the process that works for your team in just a few minutes by mixing and matching different modules and templates.
See data you’ve collected about a user so your team can make accurate decisions faster.
Standardize the due diligence process with custom checklists. Configure custom agent views with our drag-and-drop editor.
Send requests for information directly from Cases and say goodbye to sharing PII over email.
Data Display
Bring in any third-party data, including from internal systems, and build a unified view of identity.
Get a single, auditable view of all interactions with a customer.
The biggest pain points we were able to solve were the automation of the manual review piece and accuracy piece. Checking 4,000 IDs on a weekly basis manually leads to human errors. Persona helps flag the cases we need to pay attention to and automates the rest.
Kardelen Güner
Head of Tutor Success at Preply

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