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Maintain trust between you, your learners, and your instructors while building world-class online education.

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Onboard learners and ensure academic integrity

Give learners the best first impression with seamless onboarding and identity verification flows. Customize everything, from the branding to what to verify, and confirm that learners are who they are without sacrificing conversion based on risk signals.

Ensure the credibility of your instructors

Build a global community of instructors while complying with geographic regulations. Pick and choose from an expansive library of verification methods and screen against thousands of authoritative data sources like global watchlists and adverse media reports.

Automate trust across the user lifecycle

Trust is the glue that holds online education together, and it doesn’t end at onboarding. Build and automate safety programs to continuously ensure academic integrity across your learning communities.

Protect user accounts

Trigger verification flows automatically when risky activity is detected to keep accounts safe. Define risky activities that are custom to your platform like when a learner logs on from an unfamiliar IP or when an instructor uploads a new course.

Automate manual processes

Eliminate manual work by defining custom logic to automate workflows within and outside of Persona, including third-party integrations. Automatically screen users, approve verification results, and push data to internal systems.

Be prepared for edge cases

Serve more of the global learning community with a streamlined manual review process that helps you solve edge cases efficiently. Consolidate relevant user data, create review checklists, and take custom actions in one configurable agent view.

The biggest pain points that Persona was able to solve were the automation of the manual review and accuracy. Checking 4,000 IDs on a weekly basis manually leads to manual errors… Persona helps flag the cases we need to pay attention to and automates the rest.
Kardelen Güner
Head of Tutor Success, Preply

Preply automates identity verification to massively expand its global tutor network

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