We're building a safer internet

In a world where security and identity are taking on a new meaning, we're creating a product that puts people first — building a safer and more secure internet.

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Our values

At Persona, we strive to foster an environment where each Personerd feels empowered to bring their unique self to work and achieve their full potential. We're united by our desire to continue improving and use these values as our guiding principles.

People first

When making decisions we consider people first. The impact for our customers, their customers, and our people is paramount. We will not make decisions that are good for the business but not good for people.

Pursue relentlessly high standards

We hold ourselves to a high bar today and a higher one tomorrow. While we celebrate our wins, we constantly strive to raise the bar.

Start small, think big

We dream big and are constantly building toward our vision, understanding that it takes time and we may make mistakes along the way. Starting small allows us to provide value while learning lessons, never forgetting the direction and goals we aim to accomplish.

Work in public

We encourage collaboration and transparency, sharing early and often to push our work forward. We create a space that makes others comfortable to ask questions, share unfinished thoughts, and show unpolished demos instead of waiting for a perfect spec.

Lead by serving

We believe that leadership requires listening, trust and respect, empowerment, humility, and a commitment to helping others. We lead by supporting each other, teaching each other, and backing up our words with our actions.

Speed is not a tradeoff

Speed is important, but so is quality. We strive to find ways to optimize and increase both. Going fast does not imply that our quality will suffer. Instead, it means we focus on being more efficient while continuing to operate at a high level.



Parental leave

Persona believes in putting people first — especially our employees and their families. That's why we give Personerds 16 weeks of paid parental leave they can use near the time of the birth or adoption of a child.

Wellness stipend

Persona employees get a stipend for personal wellness expenses. This can go toward anything from a gym membership to a Headspace subscription, deep tissue massage, or anything else that makes you feel well.


Persona is proud to provide a 401(k) plan for all full-time employees. We also match 3% of your salary each year, regardless of whether or not you contribute.

Ongoing learning

We also reimburse professional development expenses. Personerds have used this to explore new areas of interest on Coursera and expand their book collections.

Time off & holidays

At Persona, we have unlimited PTO and sick days. We encourage employees to take time off during and around the holidays, but also year-round.

Office setup

We're dedicated to making sure your work from home experience is comfortable, which is why we offer a stipend to help support your at-home office purchases.

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