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Persona is the quickest way to build a beautiful, conversion-optimized identity verification flow

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The ideal solution for any use case

Whether you’re deterring bad actors or preventing underage individuals from accessing your services, Persona works for your business.

  • Seamless

    Minimize friction and frustration with building blocks that are easy-to-use and meticulously designed.

  • Comprehensive

    Choose from virtually any type of verification to ensure that any individual can be verified.

  • Flexible

    Own the end-to-end experience by customizing the look and feel with your brand and color palette.

A complete set of building blocks

Create a customized verification experience to your exact specifications that works across browsers and devices of all sizes.

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Verify your identity

Access your camera to record a short video of your face. The video is used only to verify your identity and ensure no one is impersonating you - it won’t be shared.

Text link to (914) 555-4920

Upload front license

Please upload a front photo of your drivers license.

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Just the basics

Nothing fancy, just a few things to verify your identity.


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Selfie video

Prevent identity fraud through a selfie video which requires individuals to perform physical actions and is compared against their photo ID.

Document verification

Take or upload a photo of an individual’s government-issued ID and leverage visual security checks and government database lookups to confirm its authenticity.

Form entry

Collect and cross-reference attributes like name, address, birthday, and government ID numbers against a range of global databases for KYC.

Phone & email

Get the holistic profile of an individual from just a phone number or email address.

Global reach with one integration

In today’s increasingly connected world, identities span across borders. Scale your business to any of our 192+ supported countries.

Security and compliance at the core

New data privacy laws require additional protections around personal information. We store personal information in SOC 2 compliant data centers and provide access controls and data revocation so you satisfy GDPR requirements, reduce your exposure to sensitive information, and are ready for audits.

We use bank-grade security to secure information.

See our Security page for more information about our policies and procedures

Integrate quickly and easily

With just a few lines of JavaScript, you can start securely verifying individuals.

<script src=''></script>
let inquiryId;
const client = new Persona.Client({
templateId: 'your-template-id',
onLoad: () =>,
onStart: (id) => { inquiryId = id },
onSuccess: () => { fetch(`/server-handler?inquiry-id=${inquiryId}`) },

See our API reference for more technical details