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Make trust and safety your differentiator

Trust that users are who they say they are, and gain their trust by humanizing the identity experience.

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Identity isn't one-size-fits-all. Create user-first verification flows that can step-up or step-down friction based on their risk profile.

Build dynamic and holistic risk segments

Supplement your internal risk data with signals from thousands of authoritative data sources to create and continually optimize user risk segments.
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Surface personalized verification flows

Build dynamic verification journeys based on users' risk segments. Give them more chances to succeed by implementing fallback verification methods.
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Craft native brand experiences

Build seamless flows that run across any device or location. Customize everything from the theme to copy so every flow is native to your brand.
We looked at a couple other solutions in the space, and Persona was definitely the front-runner when it comes to identity. We know that Persona takes trust and safety very seriously, as well as the ease and thoughtfulness of the user experience — shared values we look for in our vendors.
Brittney Miller
 Director of Member Services at UrbanSitter

Protect users throughout the customer lifecycle

Keep your users and their accounts safe by implementing safety protocols. Automatically reauthenticate users at any point in their lifecycle and deny access to blocked users.

Reverify users at any touchpoint

Confirm users' identities whenever it makes sense for your business, whether it’s every time a transaction occurs or every 6 months.

Block known risky actors automatically

Keep your user base safe by adding known fraudsters and users who abuse your terms of service to a blocklist and deny future access.

Discover fraud rings and risky activity

Easily spot connections between seemingly unrelated users and transactions to uncover and block risky behavior.

Scale and streamline manual operations

Run all identity-related processes — from consolidating data to automating decisions — in one hub, and enable your manual reviews team to make better and faster decisions.

Improve manual review operations

Protect user data and increase review efficiency by only surfacing needed case details. Ensure review quality with custom checklists that agents must complete before resolving cases.
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Automate your identity processes

Automatically make decisions, create cases, and integrate external systems to build a single view of data with our drag-and-drop Workflows editor.
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Integrate in an afternoon

Choose the integration method that works for your business: no-code with a hosted link, or an embedded native flow on your platform.

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Branch unites KYB & KYC with Persona to onboard more businesses quickly

Branch, Fintech, Compliance, Cases, Dynamic Flow, Reports, Verifications, Workflows, Know your business (KYB)

We want to automate the decision making process as much as possible during KYB and KYC. Persona not only lets us do that and saves us time but also ensures that we can be flexible with changing our workflows and rules when we discover new fraud rings.
Amanda Hodgetts-Martin
Director of Risk Management at Branch

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