Dynamic Flow

Maximize conversion, minimize risk

Securely collect and verify sensitive identity information while building better user journeys.

Dynamic Flow powers user journeys at

Why Dynamic Flow

It’s easier than ever to build, launch, and optimize your identity flows.

User verification screen illustration

Launch faster

Design a collection flow that feels native to your product without adding a single line of code. Launch your flow on any web or mobile platform in minutes.

User risk assessment illustration

Convert good users

Tailor flows to adjust friction based on users’ risk profiles to offer a better user experience and deter would-be fraudsters.

Chart of dynamic flow results

Optimize and learn quickly

Easily optimize your flow with the no-code editor, and understand the impact of your changes with native analytics.

Build the right identity experience for every type of user

Collect (and verify) anything from anyone

Securely collect any user information — e.g. IDs, documents, and more — and choose which data to verify. Minimize user error with built-in live guidance, auto-capture, and seamless device hand-offs.

Create custom flows without custom code

Customize your entire flow with the visual no-code editor — from the branding and copy of each screen to the decision logic that powers the user experience.

Deter fraud without hurting conversion

Convert good users faster by dynamically adjusting friction based on real-time risk signals during the collection flow.

Switching to Persona really increased our conversion rate and allowed folks to fly through the pipeline in a more efficient manner.
David Spack
Chief Compliance Officer at BlockFi

BlockFi doubles conversion rate while complying with strict international KYC/AML regulations with Persona

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