Dynamic Flow

Maximize conversion, minimize fraud

Creating a trusted identity flow no longer needs to come at a cost to the end-user experience.

Collect what you want, verify what you need

Securely collect any personal information — IDs, documents, and more — from your users and choose which data to verify. Minimize errors and optimize for conversion with live user guidance, auto-capture, and seamless device hand-offs.

Create branded experiences users will love and trust

Design your collection flow with a level of customization that makes it feel native to your product. Configure any component on any screen to comply with your brand and UI/UX standards.

Tailor your flow to each user’s risk profile

Surface customized screens or run different verifications based on your risk segments. Configure the flow to run conditionally and step-up or step-down friction based on the information collected or verified from users.

Switching to Persona really increased our conversion rate and allowed folks to fly through the pipeline in a more efficient manner.
David Spack
Chief Compliance Officer at BlockFi

BlockFi doubles conversion rate while complying with strict international KYC/AML regulations with Persona

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