Digital health

Headache-free digital patient onboarding

Give patients best-in-class verification experiences and gracefully adapt to regional healthcare regulations.

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Onboard patients with seamless verification flows

Customize everything about the patient verification flow, from the branding to the data you want to collect and verify.

Collect patient information

Trigger and automate patient data and documents collection at any point of their lifecycle, including onboarding. Tweak and optimize the exact data to collect and when you want to prompt flows.

Verify patient identities

Pick and choose from a library of verification methods to confirm patient identities. Streamline the experience by extracting and verifying the authenticity of health documents like prescriptions, insurance cards, and more.

Minimize manual review

Surface edge cases for manual review and ensure that it is efficient and compliant by consolidating relevant patient data and agent checklists into one configurable view.

Meet changing healthcare regulations

Comply with HIPAA, regional drug identification laws, and more with scalable verification flows and custom data retention policies. Clone and iterate existing flows and adapt to new health regulations or new geographies without missing a beat.
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Keep patient data safe

Health data has increasingly become a target for fraudsters. Keep your patients’ data and accounts safe by triggering safety mechanisms across their lifecycle.

Reverify during key interactions

Authenticate patient identities with any combination of verification methods when high-risk activities occur, like before updating account details or viewing digital health records.

Discover potential fraudsters

Prevent referrals abuse, discover potential fraud rings, and detect duplicate accounts by looking at common links between users and transactions. Flag bad actors and automatically block reattempts to access your platform.

Security and privacy at our core

Security and privacy are paramount to a trusted relationship. That’s why Persona is compliant and certified to the highest industry standards and committed to protecting you and your customers' privacy.
As we deal with sensitive health records, we needed a certified identity solution that would help us verify patients quickly, accurately, and safely. Not only did Persona meet all of these expectations, but their NIST IAL certification will also play a key role in our ability to help patients get more out of their health records.
Deven McGraw
Lead for Data Stewardship and Data Sharing at Ciitizen

Integrate in an afternoon, with or without engineers

No engineering? No problem

Create and send a link to your customers to start verifying them in minutes. No code required.

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A seamless, beautiful customer experience with just ten lines of code

Embed Persona into your web page and enable customers to easily verify themselves without ever leaving your experience.

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Native SDKs for a mobile-first world

Integrate with our iOS, Android, or React Native SDKs to help you create the best user experience for your customers.

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