Global Identity Verification Platform

Global Identity Verification Platform

Verify internationally, build trust locally

Onboard and verify customers wherever they are with cross-border KYB-KYC designed for local compliance.

Trusted by startups & the world’s largest companies

Best-in-class breadth and depth for global verification

Whether you serve 2 or 200 countries, streamline and consolidate your KYB and KYC processes with Persona’s platform.
Onboard more customers
Seamlessly connect with local sources across 200+ countries and access proprietary matching and searching capabilities to verify more individuals and businesses.
Unify all KYB-KYC processes
Manage your business and UBO verification workflows from a single platform to reduce operational overhead.
Comply with regional regulations faster
Comply with regional compliance standards like DAC7 or FINTRAC in weeks, not months, with end-to-end solutions built on Persona’s platform.
Scale globally
Adjust translations, supported ID types, and where your data is stored according to each geography's regulations, cultural norms, and more.

Create localized, design-approved flows

Quickly meet local requirements by designing flow to your brand standards, then cloning and updating them with a no-code editor. Adjust translations or flow logic to suit local populations.

Verify any entity with our robust verification library

Mix and match different verifications for business entities and individuals to cater to consumer preferences, fraud types, and global availability.

Automate regional identity processes

Route customers to different workflows or manual review based on their risk profile. Get a better understanding of risk levels with automated screenings and reports from Persona.

Consolidate and configure in one place

Quickly adjust to new regulations with our flexible, dynamic workflows engine and global coverage, all accessible via one integration.

Everything you need to go global

Get all the building blocks your product and compliance teams need to expand internationally.
Regional database verifications
Verify collected and extracted PII against authoritative databases and issuing sources across 40+ countries, such as India and Brazil, to maximize coverage.
Global business registry verification
Verify the business name, registry number, and address against the registries of 100+ countries. Use hyper-configurable matching logic to increase accuracy.
Document collection
Collect and extract insights from common documents, including articles of incorporation.
Watchlist screening
Screen against 100+ global warning and sanctions list to meet KYC requirements.
Government ID
Collect and verify your choice of government-issued IDs to identify users across 200+ countries and territories.
Verify passports and IDs globally via NFC chip and increase conversion with intuitive, country-specific guidance.
Verify the VAT number of any European Union business and avoid downtime with automated retry logic.
FINTRAC and AMLD6 solution
Comply with Canada and EU AML requirements via Persona’s library of verifications and reports.
DAC7 solution
Meet reporting deadlines in the EU with a pre-built solution designed for e-commerce businesses.
Lime is a global company. We have a lot of different use cases — everything from the types of documents we accept to local regulations and the types of data we need to collect. Persona’s customizability stood apart — it was the best, most flexible option to meet all of our different needs.”
Anissa Chen
Senior product manager at Lime
Built for global scale
Compliantly expand to new markets with our flexible identity infrastructure and global coverage. Verify users while respecting compliance requirements with data residency and robust audit trails.
Countries and territories
Localized languages

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