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Square Capital automatically verifies Paycheck Protection Program loans with Persona

Compliance, Fraud Prevention, Fintech, Verifications, Square Capital

Lime meets international compliance regulations & converts more riders with Persona’s global onboarding solution

Micromobility, Compliance, Fraud Prevention, Trust & Safety, Dynamic Flow, Verifications, Workflows, Lime

Brex unlocks automated ID verification in over 100 countries with Persona

Compliance, Fraud Prevention, Fintech, Verifications, Brex

Sonder finds a secure and privacy-centric operational hub with Persona

Compliance, Fraud Prevention, Trust & Safety, Hospitality, Verifications, Workflows, Cases, Sonder

Branch unites KYB & KYC with Persona to onboard more businesses quickly

Branch, Fintech, Compliance, Cases, Dynamic Flow, Reports, Verifications, Workflows, Know your business (KYB)

Outdoorsy leverages identity verification to build trust and safety in a P2P marketplace

Fraud Prevention, Trust & Safety, Marketplace, Verifications, Outdoorsy

Empower builds a modern banking experience with automated account recovery

Fraud Prevention, Trust & Safety, Fintech, Verifications, Empower

Branch automates 98% of identity verification process with Persona

Compliance, Fraud Prevention, Fintech, Verifications, Reports, Workflows, Branch

AngelList streamlines KYC process with Persona, paving the way for further growth

Compliance, Fraud Prevention, Fintech, Verifications, Reports, AngelList

An online prescription service streamlines compliance in telemedicine with Persona

Compliance, Digital Health, Verifications, Workflows, Online prescription service

Zro Bank increases conversion, saves 60 hours/week, and prevents fraud with Persona’s Serpro integration

Zro Bank, fintech, compliance, fraud prevention, verifications, workflows, cases

Rently provides a delightful experience for their innovative self-touring technology with Persona

Trust & Safety, Fraud Prevention, Property Technology, Verifications, Workflows, Cases, Rently

Newton reduces its fraud investigation time to one day with Persona’s case management tool

Cryptocurrency, Fraud Prevention, Compliance, Cases, Verifications, Newton

MyRent builds trust in its online rental marketplace with identity verification

Trust & Safety, Fraud Prevention, Marketplace, Verifications, MyRent

Remote automates international KYC and tackles all identity-related needs with Persona

Compliance, Fraud Prevention, HR Technology, Verifications, Workflows, Cases, Remote

nWay decreases chargebacks by 80% and proactively blocks linked accounts with Persona Graph & KYC solutions

nway, Gaming, Cryptocurrency, Marketplace, Fraud Prevention, Compliance, Trust & Safety, Graph, Verifications, Workflows

Playboy safely onboards more users across the globe with Persona’s fast, accurate identity verification solution

Playboy, Adult entertainment, Compliance, Trust & Safety, Fraud Prevention, Verifications, Workflows

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We can now seamlessly run step-up verifications for our customers who would otherwise fail KYC verification, increasing conversion and reducing drop-off from legitimate customers.
Ahmed Siddiqui
VP of Product, Branch

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