Stop hard-to-catch fraud in its tracks

Uncover sophisticated fraud rings by visualizing customer networks — without investing painful data engineering work.

These companies trust Graph to find and fight more bad actors

Uncover fraud rings with link analysis

Consolidate your data

Combine your data with Persona’s risk signals to discover links within your customer network.

Explore connected users

Search for patterns or anomalies with automatically generated clusters.

Act on insights

Block access for bad actors with configurable queries and rules, then save these rules to automate workflows and trigger follow-up actions.

Bring data in, get fraud insights out

Get the power of link analysis to identify suspicious actors without painful data preparation or engineering work. Use the powerful Graph Explorer to explore entire networks, even those multiple degrees away, or build queries to focus your investigations and block fraudsters.

Catch more fraudsters by evolving strategies quickly

Detect sophisticated rings of bad actors by combining rules-based detection with complex querying, without having to rely on black-box machine learning models. Use your findings to update your investigations and strengthen your fraud strategy.

Streamline your KYB and KYC investigations

Save time on manual reviews by uncovering hidden customer connections automatically. Then, close the loop on investigations by taking follow-up actions like running additional screenings or updating your detection rules with new insights directly inside Persona.

Built for your fraud team

Data from anywhere

Consolidate your own data with Persona’s risk signals to automatically create link analysis models.

Powerful querying

Find exactly what you’re looking for inside your customer network with powerful querying capabilities, including complex conditionals based on network traits.

Investigation tools

Give your analyst team the tools to investigate suspicious networks, including the ability to save clusters and view data in a table view.

No-code automation

Run any type of workflow based on specific Graph queries or clusters to block bad actors or improve your investigation. 
With Graph, we can dive in to see the connections and get ahead of the curve. Persona’s tools have really helped us become more proactive in fighting fraud.
Alex Lazarevic
Senior Manager of Customer Success at Remote

Remote automates international KYC and tackles all identity-related needs with Persona

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