Catch more fraud rings with less effort

Uncover and proactively block large scale fraud, from promo abuse to money laundering to duplicate accounts. Conduct expert-level investigations easier, faster, and at scale.

Trusted by startups & the world’s largest companies

Connect the dots between risky accounts with link analysis

Explore your data, your way
Combine your data with Persona’s risk signals to surface connections between user accounts, even those multiple degrees away.
Deeply investigate fraud clusters
Search for patterns or anomalies within automatically generated clusters.
Identify hidden risky behavior
Uncover hard-to-catch fraud rings and assess the breadth of the threat.
Act on insights
Block fraudsters all at once with automated decisioning, trigger follow-up actions, and adapt your strategy.

Expose hard-to-catch fraud rings quickly

Capture more fraud by uncovering the reach of fraud rings. Find linked accounts using Persona-collected or imported data, and alert your team via the dashboard, Slack, or email, so they can investigate complex attacks in real time.
< 3 seconds to run complex Graph queries across millions of nodes

Stop fraud incidents before they happen

Build automated queries and workflows to proactively block repeat fraudsters so your team can focus on emerging trends.

Continuously adapt your fraud strategy by identifying and adding confirmed fraud signals to blocklists in one click.
Find and block the entire fraud ring
~50% of fraudulent accounts are linked to 1+ other risky accounts

Unlock the power of Graph without painful engineering work

Start investigating fraud rings immediately with our highly configurable, no-code query editor paired with simple implementation. Give your fraud team full control over how they run queries, update automated workflows, and analyze data — with no engineering maintenance required.
Reduce time to launch
<2 days to onboard your entire team to Graph and start investigating

Empower your fraud team to conduct expert-level investigations

Custom properties
Import data and automatically create link analysis models for custom properties that matter to your business (e.g. crypto wallet addresses, credit card numbers).
Deep and precise queries
Build highly configurable queries that allow you to set degrees of connection, node limits, and matching logic.
Save and compare historical query results to understand fraud cluster trends over time.
Flexible exporting
Choose how you get insights out — e.g. export the cluster view, export the list of accounts with fraud tags, or connect Graph data back to other internal systems
It's not enough to retroactively examine fraud patterns after the damage has already been done. The biggest advantage of Graph is that we can proactively block fraud incidents before they happen with automated decisioning. So we're going from reactive to proactive. And from a compliance perspective, that’s a home run.
David Kim
Compliance Manager at nWay

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With Graph, can take a proactive approach to eliminating potential fraud on our platform, ensuring that we continue to be the safest storage option in the US. Identifying collusion between users is no longer a tedious manual process that requires data scientists or analysts. With the help of Persona, our team can quickly find problematic individuals or groups and act before they create issues for the majority of our customers.
Simon Fullerton, Sr. Manager, Trust & Safety
Before Graph, we relied on our development team for ad-hoc queries to find linked accounts, which was time-consuming and costly. Graph makes it so much easier to visualize fraud rings and it’s super fast too. By linking common traits like device fingerprint or location, Graph helps us to either verify our suspicions or complete our investigations.
Rene Hakiki, Executive Producer
Graph has really brought a lot to the table in terms of assessing the risk for different scenarios. Now, we can look at the bigger picture and identify potential threats that would be virtually impossible to detect if we only looked at individual verifications.
Alex Lazarevic, Senior Manager of Customer Success