Painful for fraudsters, painless for users

Converting users and fighting fraud shouldn’t come at a cost to the other — whether you’re processing loans, issuing credit cards, or automating account openings.

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Automate compliance without sacrificing user conversion

Mitigate fraud and stay on top of shifting regulations like KYC/AML and guidance from agencies like FinCEN and FINRA while providing the best user experience possible. Brand your identity flows to fit natively within your platform to build trust.

Safeguard your platform from fraudsters

Ensure that your users are who they say they are throughout their lifecycle.

Deter potential fraudsters

Customize and trigger any combination of verification methods based on how risky a user or transaction is.

Detect risky behavior

Create dynamic user risk segments by consolidating active, passive, and behavioral risk data to personalize the level of friction in real time.

Deny bad actors

Protect your front and back books by automatically preventing known fraudsters from re-attempting applications or account openings.

Streamline and scale your operations with ease

Trigger workflows inside and outside of Persona to consolidate all identity processes — from collecting information to running watchlist and sanctions screenings. Empower your manual reviews team and protect user PII with custom case views that surface only relevant information.

Security and privacy at our core

Security and privacy are paramount to a trusted relationship. That’s why Persona is compliant and certified to the highest industry standards and committed to protecting you and your customers' privacy.
We can now seamlessly run step-up verifications for our customers who would otherwise fail KYC verification, increasing conversion and reducing drop-off from legitimate customers
Ahmed Siddiqui
Chief Payments Officer at Branch

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