Build the processes you need

Orchestrate user identity across your entire customer lifecycle — from collecting information to making decisions to taking action.

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Automate your identity processes

Build workflows as simple or as complex as you need them to be. With Persona, you have the flexibility to define and accelerate your decision-making for any user, for any use case.
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1. Trigger
Initiate automated workflows with API triggers or upon most Persona events such as verification completion or case creation.
2. Ingest
Collect or enrich verifications with additional data inside and outside Persona, from watchlist reports to risk vendors you already work with.
3. Decide
Segment your users just the way you want by creating simple if/then/else paths or complex branching logic.
4. Act
Kick off followup actions inside and outside Persona. Open a case, resolve a support ticket, or pass information into your internal systems with custom integrations.

Build quickly, integrate deeply

No-code when you don’t need it. Yes-code when you do. Get started quickly using our drag-and-drop UI to build workflows without a single line of code.
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Make better decisions, faster

Define and understand how user identity is processed. Customize decision flows to fit your processes, streamline operations with flexible rule sets and repeatable actions, and surface priority cases for further investigation or followup.
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Thanks to customizable workflows, we don’t have to fall back on legacy methods or rely too heavily on manual review. Rather than needing to manually verify edge cases, we’re able to see the information real-time and react quickly.
Amanda Hodgetts-Martin
Director of Risk Management at Branch

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