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As the global digital economy expands, it is increasingly important to meet customers where they are and provide them with a consistent, smooth user experience, regardless of where they live. Unfortunately, verifying customers around the world can be an intimidating and complex process, as there is no single source of truth for global identity.

When expanding your global verification coverage, you need to consider a few factors, including:

  1. Compliance and coverage: What countries and territories do your users reside in, and what local jurisdictions and regulations are they subject to?
  2. Conversion: How do you provide a seamless experience to all of your users, regardless of where they’re located?

Today, organizations often use a mix of various vendors and data sources to ensure they have full user coverage at onboarding. While this helps cover the basics of international expansion, it can be challenging to procure and manage multiple vendors — as well as maintain a cohesive end-to-end user experience. For instance, US users of an online marketplace may need to verify their Social Security number (SSN) during onboarding, while Canadian users may need to verify their Social Insurance Number (SIN) instead, which requires a different data source.

But what if you could painlessly expand your global coverage and seamlessly serve up customer flows that ask for the right information based on where users are located? Persona does exactly that — helping organizations verify more customers with higher assurance and better user experiences — no matter where the individuals are located.

Simplify global expansion with Persona’s robust coverage of international identity databases

With Persona, businesses can conduct international KYC/AML and convert more users while meeting compliance requirements across the globe. In addition to deep coverage of US authoritative and issuing databases, we also offer international database coverage in 40+ countries, accessing a mix of authoritative and issuing data sources around the globe to allow businesses to verify more users at higher fidelity. Check out our coverage map or contact us to understand how our database verification works across different countries.

Moreover, with access to select proprietary databases in certain geographies, Persona can help you convert even more users and increase verification fidelity where needed. For instance, Brazilian fintech Zro Bank onboards more users while keeping out fraudsters by leveraging Persona’s integration with Serpro, which accesses the Brazilian Government Database that issues driver’s licenses to individuals.

“You can’t fake the government database. If the government wants to help prevent fraud and combat bad actors, companies will use their help. This makes it better for everyone in the financial market,” says Sergio Massa, COO of Zro Bank, regarding Persona’s integration with Serpro.

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More than just a simple database solution

Beyond verification at onboarding, there are many ways to employ Persona’s global coverage for a more holistic identity verification (IDV) strategy across your business. Persona’s international database offering stands out because:

  1. We allow you to bring your own data. If we do not provide coverage to a particular database that your organization has access to and wants to incorporate into the decision-making process, bring your data into Persona! We can ingest it and help automate your decisions against any information you want to bring our way.
  2. We cross-check all PII across verifications. Collecting information doesn’t have to happen in a silo. When you pair government ID collection with our database verification, we can compare the information on the ID to the information in the database to ensure not only that the information is verifiable, but also that the information input to the database verification matches what’s on the government ID.
  3. We offer complex retry logic that ensures you’re not losing good users to common user errors like typos.
  4. We own the front-end data capture experience, which means we can localize the data input and streamline the end-user experience. We cover user consent tracking, device information, and more to help you save time when building out your onboarding processes.

Lastly, our international KYC verifications are and will always be fully integrated with our KYB offerings, including our international business verification. You can build any workflow that makes sense for your team and customers, whether it’s kicking off a Serpro database verification for the UBO of a Brazilian business or running an SSN verification for a sole proprietor in the U.S.

With our international business verification, which is now in beta, you use a single Persona integration to screen any business against the business registries of 100+ countries and instantly determine if it’s a legitimate business. Pair this global business verification with our KYC verifications and ensure you can verify any business and UBO, anywhere.

Start your globalization today

Today, customers like Zro Bank, Coursera, and Remote leverage our automated international database services to make more efficient and accurate data-driven decisions about their end users. If you’re ready to go global, reach out to your CSM or get a demo today.

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