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Generative AI in the world of trust and safety: Separating hype from serious threat

How to build on the systems and processes you currently have to deter generative AI fraud
Wednesday, August 30, 2023
9:00 am

Everyone’s talking about generative AI these days — both about its ability to save time and its potential to wreak havoc. The bad news is generative AI is a very real and serious fraud vector. The good news is that it might not be that different from what you’re used to — underneath this emerging technology is a fraudster with the same motivations and behavior on your platform as the ones your fraud team fights today. 

Having trouble sifting through all the opinions and speculation around what’s to come in the world of generative AI? We invited trust and safety experts, Brian Davis and Jeff Sakasegawa, to discuss the considerations and mitigation measures they’re taking into account today.

Watch this discussion to learn:
  • Common misconceptions about the impact of generative AI fraud on trust and safety
  • Why your existing frameworks might be the best starting points to address this type of fraud
  • How to build internal intelligence — not a silver bullet — to fight generative AI fraud
Trust and Safety Architect at Persona
Brian Davis
Head of Trust & Safety at Dodgeball
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