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How to fight ID fraud in a world of generative AI

Experts discuss approaches to fighting increasingly prevalent ID fraud
Thursday, May 30, 2024
8:00 am
11:00 am

ID fraud has existed long before the internet, but recently, the game has changed. Thanks to generative AI tools, sophisticated fraud vectors are now more accessible, allowing bad actors to commit ID fraud at a greater pace and attack your business from multiple angles. Learn about the specific techniques you should consider to protect your business — and how to layer them together to balance conversion with fraud mitigation.

Join this discussion to learn:
  • How fraudsters are leveraging generative AI tools to commit ID fraud
  • Specific techniques you should consider to detect and deter these types of fraud
  • The nuances of layering techniques to balance conversion with fraud mitigation
Arjun Ramakrishnan
Head of Risk at GoDaddy Payments
Dan Himmelstein
Fraud Detection and Prevention Lead at Robinhood
Trust and Safety Architect at Persona
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