A Persona & AboutFraud Webinar

Detecting fraud rings with link analysis in the age of AI

Wednesday, August 9, 2023
10:00 am
1:00 am

Hear from Assaf Kipnis (ASK. Integrity Solutions), Ronald Praetsch (About-Fraud), and Jeff Sakasegawa (Persona) as they examine 3 key moments when fraud rings are most likely to prey on successful businesses and dig into the destructive tactics used to attack specific industries. These fraud experts share real-world examples of clever ways fraudsters leverage AI to attack at high volumes. You'll receive practical advice and answer to questions on how your fraud team can proactively block fraud rings with link analysis and multimodal fraud prevention — before fraudsters inflict more damage on your business.

Watch this discussion to learn:
  • How fraud rings operate, including characteristics, timing of attacks, and tactics for different industries.
  • The role of AI in exacerbating large-scale fraud attacks and the red flags that appear when looking at aggregated data.
  • Proven recommendations to stop the revolving door of fraudsters and shift your strategy from reactive to proactive by incorporating real-time checks.
Assaf Kipnis
Trust & Safety ASK, Integrity Solutions
Ronald Praetsch
Co-Founder of About Fraud
Trust and Safety Architect at Persona
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