Sonder finds a secure and privacy-centric operational hub with Persona

With Persona, Sonder gets a PII custodian, a centralized location to manage ID verification for its bookings, and a beautiful and seamless experience for its guests.

Sonder finds a secure and privacy-centric operational hub with Persona

Sonder is a next-gen hospitality company with over 5,000 spaces in 28 cities across 6 countries. As it reinvents the hotel experience, Sonder prioritizes trust and safety for its community. As part of this effort, Sonder requires identity verification during the booking process to prevent fraud and comply with developer requirements and city-specific regulations. 

Sonder needed a solution for seamless ID verification that would be fast and convenient for their guests and their trust and safety team. In a world where sensitive data has become a liability, Sonder sought a provider that would prioritize its users’ data privacy and the secure storage, managing, and handling of that data while also saving them time by automating manual processes. Persona’s flexible retention policy and GDPR and CCPA compliance were critical, and Persona’s ability to act as Sonder’s PII custodian and store all of the sensitive data was paramount. 

We didn’t see another solution in the market that would guarantee protection for guest data, while still allowing reliable access in order to process new bookings; the way they have built the product to prioritize GDPR and CCPA compliance made Persona the clear choice for our team.
Rahul Verma
Trust & Safety Eng Lead, Sonder

Persona’s Dashboard provided what Sonder’s trust and safety team had been looking for: a centralized location to manage ID verification for its bookings. Review and decisioning processes, reviewer notes, and guest account information that would have otherwise been distributed across different systems and tools were now unified in the Persona Dashboard. Through Workflows and Cases, Persona was also able to help Sonder automate their processes.  With Workflows, Sonder set up rules to automatically organize inquiries that may require manual review (e.g., flag expired government IDs) and funnel them into cases for easy task assignment

Lastly, as a consumer-facing business, Sonder cared deeply about offering a beautiful and seamless experience for their guests. They wanted to make sure guests did not feel removed from Sonder’s branded experience when verifying their ID, and that clicks were minimized to reduce friction. Persona provided a branded, out of the box experience at a level that met the Sonder team’s high bar for functional design.

Persona worked incredibly closely with us to make sure that everything met Sonder’s carefully crafted branding guidelines - from our custom fonts to the size, shape and position of all the UI components. We appreciated the level of care Persona had for our brand.
Christine Lee
Design Lead, Sonder

By implementing Persona, Sonder was able to reduce customer service tickets and general customer confusion around the identity verification process, resulting in significant time savings for the Sonder team: 

Persona’s intuitive UI has saved our team several hours a day and led to a massive reduction in customer service requests.
Liam Dickson
Trust & Safety Manager, Sonder

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