Postmates deters fraud in its 3-sided marketplace by verifying couriers with Persona

Instead of building their own identity verification solution, Postmates uses Persona's ID verification solution to prevent individuals from using false information to sign up as a courier, protecting both buyers and merchants without impacting courier growth or conversion.

Problem: To prevent fraud and ensure safety on the platform, Postmates needed to verify that couriers were signing up using their real identities without impeding overall growth.

Postmates coordinates transactions among buyers, couriers, and merchants in a complex three-sided marketplace. As their marketplace grows, Postmates increasingly prioritizes the safeguarding of participants on all sides.

In the case of couriers, ensuring one valid identity for every courier on the platform is important for handling cases of fleet agreement violations and protecting customers and merchant partners.

At the same time, Postmates operates in a competitive market where increasing the number of couriers is critical for growth. Postmates needed an identity verification solution that would prevent someone from using false information to sign up as a courier without impeding the growth of courier signups overall.

Solution: Persona’s identity verification provided both a robust and low-friction identity verification experience

Persona has a straightforward design and UI to implement identity verification - a plug and play option with lightweight friction. Rather than building for all of this ourselves, it made sense for us to use a vendor that we trust.
Dave Auerbach
Tech Lead and Engineering Manager, Risk at Postmates

Postmates evaluated several identity verification solutions before ultimately partnering with Persona. They chose Persona for the following reasons:

1. Preventing bad actors from signing up with false information

With Persona, Postmates configured a custom set of verifications to meet their needs, with checks and balances that make it particularly challenging to falsify one’s identity.

2. Optimizing for a fast, low-friction courier experience

It was critical to Postmates that any solution they implement does not negatively impact the onboarding of new couriers. Persona’s platform allows new couriers to complete their onboarding quickly and painlessly with instantaneous results.

3. Integrating the solution easily

Persona's API is simple and easy to integrate, showcasing Postmates’ brand with a streamlined UI. By integrating with Persona instead of building their own identity verification solution, Postmates freed up valuable resources to direct toward other critical business projects.

Results: With Persona, Postmates implemented identity verification in courier onboarding without sacrificing conversion rates and courier growth.

Since implementing Persona:

  • Postmates has improved protection of buyers and merchants on their platform by ensuring that new couriers are signing up with their real identities.
  • Postmates has implemented a robust identity verification process without impacting courier growth or conversion.
  • Postmates is continuing to discover new use cases for Persona.

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