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Identity verification isn’t one-size-fits-all. At Persona, we let you tailor identity verification for each customer and use case. Most decisions take just 5 seconds, so users can get verified quickly and be on their way.

Documentary verifications

Collect and verify your choice of documents to identify the users and businesses you work with, stay compliant with KYC/AML regulations, and deter would-be fraudsters.

Government ID

Extract and verify government IDs, such as passports and driver’s licenses, with configurable and automated heuristic checks across 200+ countries and territories.

Business documents

Know the businesses you partner with by requesting and verifying certificates of incorporation, government-issued business licenses, partnership agreements, or similar documents.

Supplemental documents

Need proof of address or other supplemental documents not listed here? Request, extract, and verify the authenticity of other documents like utility bills, SSN cards, and more.

Biometric verifications

Protect against identity spoofing by automatically comparing a selfie to the ID portrait with a 3 point composite and biometric liveness checks. Let good users in quickly while keeping fraudsters out with custom liveness thresholds.

Database and non-documentary verifications

Collect and extract PII, such as SSNs and addresses, and verify it against global issuing and other authoritative databases to ensure authenticity.


SSN verification (eCBSV)

Compare names, SSNs, and addresses against Social Security Administration records to verify more users (e.g. those with thin credit).


DMV verification (AAMVA)

Validate information on US driver’s licenses and IDs against DMV records to detect fraudulent IDs.


Phone Carrier verification

Verify the authenticity of inputted phone numbers by checking legal name and phone number against global telecommunications carrier databases.


Phone verification

Verify the ownership of an inputted phone number with two-factor authentication via call or text.


Device signals

Detect potential fraud by monitoring passive signals such as IP address, device fingerprint, and more.

Digital ID verifications

Future-proof your identity verification process — collect and verify digital ID formats with integrations to leading digital id authorities.

NFC verification

Allow users to verify electronic IDs (eIDs), such as passports, by scanning the NFC chip using their mobile device.

Coming soon

mDL verification

Verify mobile driver’s licenses (mDLs) from industry leading digital wallet providers to reduce friction for users. Now available for iOS devices.

Persona enables us to seamlessly customize the verification process, accounting for the unique needs and forms of identification across Coursera’s global learner community.
Shravan Goli
Chief Product Officer at Coursera

Coursera scales its global user base and ensures strong academic integrity with Persona

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