Verify users your way

Identity verification isn’t one-size-fits-all. At Persona, we let you tailor identity verification for each customer and use case. Most decisions take just 5 seconds, so users can get verified quickly and be on their way.

Dashboard that consolidates information submitted by the user, such as their driver's license and selfie

Customize the user experience

Tailor the theme, fonts, and copy to match your brand, and mix and match everything from which forms of verification you require to how many times users can attempt verification.

Illustration showing an abstracted customization of the verification flow UI

Choose your level of protection

Persona offers one of the industry’s widest ranges of verification components. Get results in real time and combine them with passive risk signals, such as IP address and browser fingerprint, to get a better idea of who your users really are.

Government ID

Extract and verify the authenticity of IDs from 200+ countries and territories with configurable and automated heuristic checks.

Biometric selfie scan

Automatically compare a selfie to the ID portrait with a 3 point composite and biometric liveness checks.


Request, extract, and verify the authenticity of supplemental documents like utility bills, SSN cards, and more.

DMV verification (AAMVA)

Validate information on US driver’s licenses and IDs against DMV records.

Database verification

Verify PII, such as SSNs and addresses, against authoritative databases.

Phone verification

Verify the ownership of an inputted phone number with two-factor authentication.

Minimize user drop-off

We guide users through the flow, use auto-capture to minimize errors, make it easy to switch devices, and cover 200+ countries and territories in over 20 languages. Plus, you can implement fallback options to give users a different way to verify their identity.

Sample stats, such as the average verification time and completion rate, companies can use to analyze their verification process.
Persona has a straightforward design and UI to implement identity verification — a plug and play option with lightweight friction. Rather than building all of this ourselves, 
it made sense to use a vendor that we trust.”
Dave Auerbach
Tech Lead and Engineering Manager, Risk at Postmates

Postmates deters fraud in its 3-sided marketplace by verifying couriers with Persona

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