Reimagine your manual review process with Persona Cases

Cases gives your team a single place to control, customize, and optimize your entire manual review process.

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Every manual review team is being asked to do more with less. More cases of more complexity and risk, with less time and less-than-ideal tools — regardless of whether you're a marketplace trying to reapprove couriers or a neobank trying to prevent account takeovers by malicious actors.

But while the pain of manual review is universal, the manual review process in practice looks different at every company.

And for too long, the tools supporting manual review have ignored these differences and forced teams into a one-size-fits-all process. The result: a higher operations burden, fragmented and slower customer decisions, and a more painful experience for agents and customers alike.

This is why we’re so excited to reveal the next version of Cases, which is designed to help all teams solve cases better and faster by being personalized to your team.

With these latest updates, Cases gives your team a single place to control, customize, and optimize your entire process while empowering them to better understand the real humans behind each case.

Let’s dig in!

Build your ideal manual review process with our drag and drop layout editor

After talking with review teams across a variety of industries, the biggest thing we learned was that their manual processes were constrained by their tools.

Whenever they wanted to customize or fine-tune the process, it would require engineering resources or creating workarounds or additional processes.

To solve this, we’ve built a new case layout editor that gives your team the building blocks they need to build and fine-tune their ideal case management process in minutes, all without engineering help. With Cases templates, a team lead can use our simple drag and drop editor to customize and standardize exactly what an agent sees for any given case, setting them up for success.

The modules within a Cases template span anything from Persona-specific information like behavioral and risk signals from a submitted Inquiry to third-party data like Sift risk scores or a timeline of all case-related events. And if your team requires a certain set of actions from their agents, a checklist module ensures that your agents always know what to do next, ensuring consistency and supercharging their efficiency.

Your team can also add tags on top of case statuses and run powerful analytics against the tags to understand root causes of cases. And custom case statuses enable teams to map their exact process, whether it’s hand-offs between teams or reverification attempts, directly inside Cases.

Our team can go through each tab in our case layout and have a structured way to address each investigation, which speeds up the process. The tag already provides a starting point and by following what information Cases provides us, we can get through investigations even faster.
Fraud intelligence manager at Newton

Get the 360 view you need

Reviewing and decisioning has always been the most time-consuming and complex part of the manual review process. With legacy manual review tools, agents often spend time bouncing back and forth between different tabs and windows referencing data from internal or third parties to get a complete picture of each case.

Teams using Cases can now bring in data from any other external data sources and see attachments that agents or users have submitted directly from their case view. These new modules empower your team to understand the people or entities behind every case — all in one place.  

At the same time, as important as it is to get a full view of a customer, we also know keeping sensitive information hidden is just as paramount. As part of these updates to Cases, we’ve made permissions even more granular so your team can restrict access to PII and only display the information needed for review.

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See how Cases can help you streamline manual review

Close the loop with the click of a button

Once your team has made a decision, how do you actually close the loop for your customer and ensure that the right systems are updated? Previously, teams usually had to leave their review tool or “swivel chair” over to another team, delaying customer communications and increasing the team’s operational burden.

With Persona, you can automate the post-decision process with Workflows or create custom macros for your team.

With macros, set up one-click shortcuts to trigger actions like “send email requesting supplemental docs” or “close out Zendesk ticket” from directly inside of Persona, reducing the operational burden of your team.

Turn tedious manual review into streamlined investigations with Cases

For too long, tedious processes made manual review a chore, taking away the ultimate goal of understanding the humans behind the case. Cases reimagines this foundational process not just for risk and compliance teams, but for any team doing manual review.

If you’re interested in building a more robust and efficient review process with Cases, reach out to your CSM or get a demo today.

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