Offering support during COVID-19

Free Identity Verification for essential services

‍With the global push to transition key services in the health, education, and community sectors from physical to digital, access to automated identity verification has become a greater necessity. To help, Persona will offer free identity verification services to support organizations whose services have either been significantly impacted by the crisis or are now even more critical to the greater community at large during the crisis. 

As a global service, we know it is our responsibility to leverage our platform for the benefit of the greater good, with the software we have built. We have always prioritized protecting people and businesses from a security perspective — namely, making sure sensitive information is being handled, managed, and stored securely. Now, to help stop the spread, we want to offer that safety to all of these businesses that can in turn play a big role in keeping more people safe and at home. 

During these challenging times, we are proud to offer our services, free of charge, in support of business in the following spaces:

  • Digital learning - any kind of digital learning services, ex. online classes, tutorials, workshops, hackathons, study groups
  • Education - formal education that has been moved online ex. schools and universities conducting class and assignments online
  • Telemedicine, mental health, and healthcare worker support - ex. remote care, mask, and equipment delivery, or digital appointments 
  • Pharmacies and groceries - ex. prescriptions, medications, or food delivery
  • Delivery services - ex. delivering critical supplies
  • Community support - organizations dedicated to helping out communities during this time! We know that there is a lot of community struggle outside of just medical, and we are here to support them. 

To get started, please reach out to or visit our contact page.

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