Age Verification System

Age Verification System

Minimize fraud with seamless age verification

Comply with changing age-related regulations and keep even the savviest fraudsters off your platform.

Trusted by startups & the world’s largest companies
Comply with regional age regulations
Meet regulations, like COPPA and FDA age requirements, anywhere you operate. Build, clone, and launch different flows to easily meet compliance requirements for any market.
Shorten transaction times
Minimize user drop-off during onboarding by automatically verifying users’ ages in a branded flow according to custom rules.
Prevent fraudulent activity
Proactively flag suspicious activity and reverify users at any point to catch promo abuse and other types of fraud before bad actors wreak havoc on your platform.
Securely control and manage data
Gain full control over redaction policies and maintain data for audit trails. Protect users by preventing unauthorized access to PII via custom access controls.

Age verification during onboarding

Verify users’ ages during onboarding and automatically grant or deny access to age-restricted content. Our age verification solutions dynamically adjust friction based on any risk signal to convert good users while deterring fraudsters.
Build custom age verification flows
Securely collect sensitive identity information while building better user journeys
Verify users’ ages
Convert good users quickly with fully automated and customizable sets of checks
Enrich with risk signals
Enrich with trusted data sources to stay on top of KYC/AML and fraud prevention

Reverify users’ ages at any touchpoint

Prevent unauthorized access to age-restricted goods or services and prevent account takeovers or selling by asking users to reverify their identity before a transaction.

Scale and adapt to new markets without engineers

No need to start from scratch — clone and edit existing flows to adapt to regional age regulations. Build region-specific automation rules around data collection, decision-making, and operations to minimize manual review.
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Verifying identities is challenging. Between false IDs, bad actors, and a lack of standardization, it requires a technical solution. With Persona, we can check government IDs and selfie liveness in real time to make sure users are the right age and cross reference multiple risk signals to help us figure out whether to approve or decline users.
JJ Foster
Trust and safety manager, Coffee Meets Bagel
Wherever your users are, we’re there too
Scale where you want to, the way you want to. Persona provides coverage all over the globe and across many languages, and we’re always looking for more opportunities to expand your coverage.
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Security and privacy at our core

Security and privacy are paramount to a trusted relationship. That’s why Persona is compliant and certified to the highest industry standards and committed to protecting you and your customers' privacy.

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