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3 tips for managing risk without sacrificing user experience

This content is ideal for: Product, risk and fraud professionals and leaders
Tuesday, December 13, 2022
9:30-10:30 am PT

First impressions with customers matter.

74% will switch to another solution if your onboarding process is too difficult.1 But with more companies reporting fraud than ever before, you also need to ensure you’re properly managing risk.2

The issue: the easier you make it for users to become customers, the more risk and fraud you’re likely to face.

Optimizing for conversion rates and managing risk are two ends of a spectrum. Striking the right balance between the two at the right time is the key to minimizing fraud, and maximizing conversion.
Join this conversation to:
  • Explore how to assess risk for different types of customers to configure your identity verification methods to match
  • Understand how to adjust friction based on real-time risk signals with examples from real flows created by Persona customers
  • Discover key factors for evaluating (or reevaluating) your identity verification infrastructure to support your conversion and risk goals
Rene Hakiki
Lead Producer, nWay
Vincent TSao
Product Leader, Persona
Daniel Lee
Product Leader, Identity Verification, Persona
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