Modern, equitable identity solutions for the public sector

Safeguard against bad actors and verify constituents seamlessly without compromising privacy and security.

A trusted identity partner to the public sector

Leverage our customizable platform to design end-to-end identity flows that verify more individuals, streamline operations, and defend against fraud.
Protect sensitive data
Protect constituent data by preventing unauthorized access to PII via custom access controls. Tailor your redaction policies and maintain data for audits.
Foster equitable access
Give your constituents a better verification experience through comprehensive coverage, various verification methods for people with thin files, adaptable verification flows based on risk signals, and more.
Fraud prevention
Easily spot connections between seemingly unrelated individuals and transactions to uncover and block risky behavior.
Improve operational efficiency
Provide better customer service to your constituents by having all identity-related processes — from consolidating data to automating decisions, in one hub.

Security and privacy at our core

Security and privacy are paramount to a trusted relationship. That’s why Persona is compliant and certified to the highest industry standards and committed to protecting you and your constituents' privacy.

Take a holistic approach to identity verification

Remove barriers of entry for constituents with a robust library of identification methods and identity verification flows tailored to each individual. Get a holistic picture of risk by consolidating all your risk signals in one place.
Active signalS
Signals provided by the individual, such as their name, SSN, government ID, selfie, and identifying documents.
Passive signals
Data pulled in about the individual, such as their IP address and device or browser fingerprint.
Behavioral data
Signals such as hesitation events, distraction events, and whether the individual uses developer tools, copy/paste, or autofill.
Individual identity data
Signals pulled from global standard, issuing, and authoritative data sources, as well as screening lists and risk reports.
Business data
Additional risk signals and screenings against lists like business watchlists and adverse media reports.

Stay ahead of ever-evolving fraud

Persona provides the building blocks you need to pinpoint, fight, adapt to, and monitor fraud at every point of the identity lifecycle.
Continuously optimize fraud processes with custom modules, third-party integrations, and no-code rule sets.
Collect a variety of passive signals (e.g. behavioral, network and device, and linked account) to enrich your understanding and make informed decisions.
Automatically connect identity data to uncover and assess the scale of fraud rings. Conduct expert-level investigations easier, faster, and at scale with link analysis insights.

Maximize operational efficiency

Streamline operations by conducting all your identity processes within Persona.
Improve manual operations
Protect constituent data and increase review efficiency by only surfacing relevant case details. Ensure review quality with custom checklists that reviewers must complete before resolving cases.
Automate identity verification processes
Keep individuals safe by adding known fraudsters to a block list and deny future access.

Trusted by the public sector

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