Know Your Employee (KYE)

Know Your Employee (KYE) refers to the steps a business takes to verify an employee’s identity, background, and credentials in order to assess the individual’s fraud risk to the workplace. It often occurs just prior to an employment offer being made or immediately after an offer has been accepted — but typically prior to onboarding. It should also occur periodically over the course of an employee’s employment since relevant details could change. 

Frequently asked questions

What are the steps in the KYE process?

KYE programs typically include the following phases:

  1. Verifying the applicant’s identity.
  2. Verifying their employment authorization.
  3. Conducting a background check (including criminal history, educational history, employment record, and credit).
  4. Periodic post-onboarding reverification.

Verification and reverification can be accomplished through many different methods, but often involve government ID verification, document verification, database verification, selfie verification.

Why is KYE important?

A thorough KYE process empowers a business with the information necessary to make a hiring decision. Verifying an applicant’s credentials or degree, for example, offers certainty that the person actually has the skills and training required for the job; conducting a background check could uncover a history of illegal activities that should disqualify employment. In certain industries, such as finance, KYE is a legal requirement. 

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