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Guide to going global: How Taskrabbit navigated diverse market requirements during international expansion

Marketplace leaders discuss their key learnings from expanding their KYC and KYB programs globally.
Wednesday, January 31, 2024
10:00 am

All growing marketplaces will need to expand to a new market at some point — but how do you do so effectively and efficiently without tripping over new compliance requirements or unspoken cultural norms? And then how do you do it at scale across more countries and regions?  

Taskrabbit answered these questions during their own expansion across the US and then to the EU, building a global expansion playbook in the process.  Hear detailed insights and lessons from its trust and risk leader, Sidra Khan, along with Jeff Sakasegawa of Persona, who led a risk and compliance team at Square.

Watch this webinar to learn
  • The frameworks that marketplaces of any size can use to expand their KYC/KYB processes globally
  • Country-specific nuances to consider and incorporate
  • Misconceptions about going global and best practices for working with other teams like Product and Compliance
Sidra Khan
Senior Lead, Risk & Trust at Taskrabbit
Trust and Safety Architect at Persona
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