UrbanSitter uses Persona to ensure trust and safety without sacrificing user experience

Before Persona, parents on UrbanSitter's platform were having trouble completing identity verification, resulting in a notable drop-off. Switching to Persona reduced drop-offs, sped up onboarding, and decreased time spent on support tickets.

Problem: UrbanSitter needed a low friction identity verification solution that would be an easy addition to their parent onboarding process

UrbanSitter considers trust and safety to be of utmost importance on its platform and implements various tools and processes during onboarding for both the parents and the sitters. They discovered that parents were having difficulty completing identity verification, resulting in a cumbersome onboarding process and a notable drop-off rate. This drop-off was particularly high among parents with urgent childcare needs, who couldn’t afford to wait on the result of their verification.

To help parents complete verification without sacrificing trust and safety, UrbanSitter implemented a manual process to verify parents by phone, which was time-consuming for both parties and restricted to UrbanSitter’s business hours. As a result, parents who were stuck in this process frequently dropped off, possibly moving to competitors with fewer and less robust verification requirements. Despite this significant friction for parents, UrbanSitter did not want to compromise on having a thorough identity verification process given the sensitive nature of their business.

Solution: With Persona, UrbanSitter maintains a robust identity verification process to ensure trust and safety without compromising on the user experience

As a childcare company that takes trust and safety extremely seriously, UrbanSitter wanted an identity verification partner that would do the same.

We looked at a couple other solutions in the space, and Persona was definitely the front-runner when it comes to identity. We know that Persona takes trust and safety very seriously, as well as the ease and thoughtfulness of the user experience — shared values we look for in our vendors.
Brittney Miller
Director of Member Services at UrbanSitter

UrbanSitter partnered with Persona for the following reasons:

1. A better parent experience while maintaining robust checks
UrbanSitter needed an identity verification solution that would conduct powerful checks while making it fast and simple for parents to verify their identities and access UrbanSitter’s marketplace. Persona conducts robust verifications using sophisticated image recognition and face comparison algorithms. At the same time, parents are able to verify quickly with instantaneous results, reducing drop-off and optimizing time to success.

2. No engineering resources required
With Persona’s hosted identity verification flow, UrbanSitter was up and running within 1 week without any involvement from the company’s engineering staff, freeing up valuable resources they directed toward their core business. Persona also made it easy for UrbanSitter to customize the user interface with its brand.

3. A fully automated, privacy-centric solution
Unlike many competitors, Persona’s identity verification solution is fully automated. Minimal humans in the loop ensure the privacy of parents’ sensitive information by limiting access to only the information that a third party needs to know.

4. A friendly, communicative team
UrbanSitter had a strong preference for a company with a trustworthy company culture. Persona’s team worked closely with UrbanSitter’s team each step of the way to customize their flow and support them on an ongoing basis.

Results: With the no-engineering hosted flow, UrbanSitter was able to get up and running with Persona within 1 week and reduce average time spent on identity-related customer support tickets by 75%

Since implementing Persona:

  • UrbanSitter bolstered the necessary layer of trust and safety to their marketplace.
  • UrbanSitter’s parents have completed the verification flow quickly and received their results instantaneously, reducing drop-off and speeding up onboarding.
  • UrbanSitter has reduced the average time spent on parent identity-related customer support tickets by 75%, automating a time-consuming and resource-intensive manual process and increasing the efficiency of their member services team.

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