Rently provides a delightful experience for their innovative self-touring technology with Persona

With Persona, Rently can verify that it’s the same individual from the digital signup to the physical request, ensuring a safe key handoff from online to offline.

A potential buyer or renter can schedule a self-tour to view a property through Rently. Once the individual reaches the property, they receive a unique code to enter the house (either through digital lock or manual lock with a key). Persona verifies that it’s the same individual from the digital signup to the physical request, ensuring a safe key handoff from online to offline.

Ensuring a seamless experience for a user base growing at a rapid clip

With hundreds of thousands of self-tours a month, growing at a rapid clip, Rently needs a fast and seamless touring solution for their users that allows them to onboard quickly while ensuring the security required by having users in private physical spaces. Persona was a fit for Rently’s unique set of needs: Persona provided verification that was optimized for the end user’s experience and robust enough to meet Rently’s trust and safety commitment for the properties and their owners.

Reducing and automating work for Rently’s team as operations scale

Rently uses Persona Workflows to automate decisioning and push specific cases to manual review. With Persona, Rently built workflows to support all ID types for all geographies and automate decisioning so only the approved IDs are passed through the system.

Another key component for Rently’s verification process involves Persona’s Signals, specifically location verification. When a user uploads ID information to Rently, Persona checks if the location of the address on the ID matches the location of the upload. For example, Rently can use Persona to flag an upload that is more than 100 miles away from the ID address and send that upload to be manually reviewed by their team.

After Persona’s automated flagging, manual review from the Rently team can account for normal variations, like someone who recently moved and uploaded an out-of-state ID. By using Persona, Rently can cut down on most of the manual review with automation and drop a smaller number of jobs for manual review into Cases — a feature in the Persona dashboard that lets Rently manage operations work by populating necessary tasks and automatically creating a manageable and accurate list of tasks for the Rently team to review.

That's why I like Persona — it's flexible, it's intuitive. The platform not only lets me make decisions with Workflows, but it's also letting me place specific Inquiries in certain Queues for manual reviews.
Sahil Farooqi
Head of Customer Care at Rently

Persona provides Rently with the perfect balance — enabling Rently’s operations team with powerful, automated decision making while still allowing for the option of manual review when necessary. This flexibility allows for a much more efficient way of working, where the work can be managed by a small team and automated verification flags do most of the heavy lifting.

Enabling easy reverification for end users

The re-verification experience is a smooth experience and a very cutting edge experience at the same time. Instead of just getting a code, you do a selfie again and then boom, the code appears on your phone.

Most Rently users visit multiple locations during the property touring lifecycle; to power these repeat interactions, Rently takes advantage of Persona’s reverification functionality. It’s critical to Rently to maintain rigor for each property access request for security purposes, but it’s also important to keep the process of reverifying a user as smooth as possible for them. With Persona, Rently can minimize friction for users for each required reverification, as Persona’s Accounts feature records and consolidates all information about a given individual in a single record. All information already known about a user can be leveraged for future inquiries to verify that that person is who they say they are.

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