Outdoorsy leverages identity verification to build trust and safety in a P2P marketplace

Outdoorsy is a leading peer-to-peer online marketplace for RV and trailer rentals with more than 25,000 listings across 11 countries.

Prioritizing Trust and Safety

Outdoorsy is making Trust and Safety a clear priority as they expand - understanding its critical role in the health of their marketplace. Outdoorsy determined that identity verification would be necessary to vet qualified renters and ensure the safety of owners.

At the same time, Outdoorsy cares deeply about providing a great experience to their customers and they wanted an identity verification solution that would do the same. Outdoorsy evaluated multiple identity verification providers and decided against those that relied on a more manual approach to verification, which was not only time-consuming and costly, but added significant friction to the renter experience.

Deterring Fraud without Deterring Quality Customers

Outdoorsy wanted to find an automated identity verification solution that prioritized the customer experience while providing a robust defense against fraud.

Outdoorsy ultimately decided to partner with Persona for the following reasons:

1. Focus on the Customer Experience
Outdoorsy prioritizes their customer experience and wanted an identity verification partner who would do the same. Persona's platform enables Outdoorsy's customers to verify quickly with instantaneous results, reducing abandonment and time to completion.

2. Fully Automated, Privacy-Centric Solution
Unlike many of its competitors, Persona's identity verification solution is fully automated, with no humans in the loop. This limited access to sensitive customer data. Government-issued ID images and selfie videos are analyzed in real-time using sophisticated image recognition and face comparison algorithms.

3. Ease of Integration
Persona's API is simple and easy to integrate. Persona worked hand in hand with Outdoorsy's engineering and operations teams through integration and launch, responding quickly to their questions each step of the way.

The Results

Since implementing Persona, our customer experience has been so much better. Renters are able to complete the flow quickly and seamlessly. We've also seen a marked decrease in calls to our customer service team.
Monique Talerico
Director of Trust and Safety at Outdoorsy
  • Persona's identity verification solution has helped Outdoorsy add a necessary layer of trust and security to their marketplace.
  • Outdoorsy's renters have been able to complete the verification flow quickly and receive their results instantaneously, improving conversion and reducing drop-off.
  • Outdoorsy has seen a large reduction in the number of calls and e-mails to their customer service team from customers who are unable to complete the flow.
  • Outdoorsy has been able to detect potential fraud at an earlier stage, using risk signals from difference sources to vet renters.