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Introducing Workflows: automations for any use case

From setting custom rules to triggering actions, Workflows is a flexible, intuitive, and powerful way to automate your identity processes and more.

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Widespread digital transformation across industries continues to force businesses to reconsider their relationships with customers. As more transactions move online, companies need to understand and verify an increasingly diverse customer base, all while supporting the broad set of use cases that cover their entire customer lifecycle. And they must do this while meeting their own compliance and privacy burdens.

Today, most companies solve these challenges with a mix of software vendors and operational teams that rely on a combination of basic identity verification and manual review. Reconciling these systems creates a major tax for organizations — companies still struggle to systematically ingest and manage their identity data, operational teams get mired in manual case review, bad actors get approved for accounts too frequently, and customer info remains divided across disparate risk systems.

But what if you could build identity processes around your customers’ needs rather than around your current limitations? What if there was a unified tool that could help you collect, organize, and take action against those signals in a coherent and automatic way?

Build the processes you need

With the launch of Persona Workflows out of beta today, you can now build, customize, and automate identity processes to fit each individual customer’s needs across any use case. Workflows provides a flexible, intuitive, and powerful way to orchestrate user identity across your entire customer lifecycle and streamline manual processes across your operational teams — all without requiring heavy engineering or operational investment.

With Workflows, you can:

  • Automate your identity processes — Build workflows as simple or as complex as you need them to be. With Persona, you have the flexibility to define and accelerate your decision making for any user, for any use case.
  • Make better decisions, faster — Customize and optimize your decision engine to take full control of how you classify and process user identity. Ingest and enrich user profiles, set risk criteria and thresholds, and set up decisioning to automate approval for low risk users while flagging potential fraud cases, giving your team the time and data to focus on the right investigations.
  • Build quickly and customize deeply — Our drag and drop UI with modular building blocks allows you to build workflows without a single line of code. But if you want more flexibility, you can also use our custom code module to build integrations with any data source or application you need to automate your processes.
Thanks to customizable workflows, we don’t have to fall back on legacy methods or rely too heavily on manual review. Rather than needing to manually verify edge cases, we’re able to see the information real-time and react quickly
Amanda Hodgetts-Martin
Director of Risk Management at Branch

How it works

To break down how Workflows helps you design and automate any identity process, we’ve illustrated how it works in four major steps.

Trigger workflows from anywhere — Initiate automated workflows using a Persona event or via an API. For example, build workflows that trigger after a Persona verification attempt during onboarding, when a KYB report runs, or even when an account recovery ticket gets created in Zendesk.

Ingest the data you need — Collect verification data from users and enrich it with additional signals, such as watchlists, phone/email risk reports, and more. For example, improve your risk assessments even further by using custom code to pull in internal data, Sift scores, or any third party data source relevant to your decisioning.

Decide dynamically — Segment your users just the way you want with simple if/then/else paths or complex branching logic. For example, set different decision paths based on user attributes such as age, run simultaneous reports for users, or wait for case resolution before proceeding with a decision.

Act quickly in the right places — Kick off follow-up actions inside and outside Persona, flag high risk users or open a case for your manual review team, and leverage custom code actions to integrate with any external vendors you already use. For example, you can send automated rejection emails via SendGrid, flag case creation in your account operations team’s Slack channel, or even pass user verification status into your internal systems.

Automated Workflow showing a GovernmentID and Selfie flow

To ensure that you’re able to iterate and move quickly with Workflows, we’ve also built in robust audit and visualization functions — visualize specific decision paths with Workflow Runs, audit past drafts with Workflow Version History, and deploy and test rollout groups with Rollouts.

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Power all of your identity operations with Persona's identity infrastructure

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