Introducing free identity verification with Persona

Our Starter plan will support any business from any industry and any size with free and secure identity verification.

Identity verification has always been complex, time-consuming, and expensive for businesses. Many businesses, especially small businesses and startups, don’t have the budget for verification services or the engineering resources they need to build their own. Without the right verification services, companies can be vulnerable to hacks, and the individuals that are entering their personally identifiable information (PII), their customers, are put at risk for identity theft and fraud. With even more business interactions moving online due to COVID-19, there’s increased potential for this information to be left unprotected.

At Persona, we believe in supporting companies at every stage of growth as well as protecting the individuals who are being verified by them. We want to contribute to a safer online environment where every company has access to affordable identity verification solutions that maintain the safety and transparency of sensitive customer data, and individuals don’t have to worry about the protection of the PII they’ve shared with companies.

This is why we are announcing our free Starter plan, with the goal of bringing transparency and affordability to the identity verification process. This is the first permanent free solution in the industry, allowing companies to easily experience how our solutions work first-hand without upfront commitment or a costly contract. It will enable any business of any size to verify users in 5 seconds or less while protecting users’ PII against fraud and identity theft as well as complying with data privacy regulations like CCPA and GDPR.

What does the free Starter plan include?

The free plan offers 500 free government ID with optional live selfie checks per month. The solution comes with a full integration suite, including a no-code hosted flow, a drop-in widget that can be integrated with less than 10 lines of code, and mobile SDK. Businesses can configure the user flow to match their brand, reducing friction and visual disruption to maximize customer conversion. Persona has coverage in 190+ countries and in 18 languages to help support businesses that have a global user base or are gearing up for international expansion. With Persona’s easy-to-use platform, integration and setting up an identity verification solution can happen in less than one day. We already have customers in beta using it for a variety of use cases, from trust and safety to fraud prevention to staying compliant with KYC / AML regulations. 

How do I sign up?

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