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Continuous Reports in Persona, enabled by Accounts

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Enhance your verification process with the ability to run and check reports on a regular schedule. It all starts with Accounts. Accounts is a new feature that enables you to view the entire history of how you've interacted with an individual over time. By providing a reference ID, you can automatically link many different inquiries to the same individual. Now, it’s straightforward to compare information collected in an Inquiry against what's already known about that individual user. In summary, we are providing a holistic way to understand an individual. We are moving toward verifying "who an individual is" and away from "what we learned about an individual this time."

With Accounts, you have a log of interactions with an individual and a record of all the individuals who have signed up for your service. This unlocks three main use cases:

  1. Reverification of an individual who is already using your service
  2. Ability to run continuous reports over time
  3. Safe PII and information storage

For now, we will deep dive into reports. Check out our other posts to learn more about PII storage and reverification.

What is a report, and what report types do we support?

Reports allow you to receive supplemental information about individuals who are going through your inquiry flow in a low-friction way. With the ability to leverage reports, you can request minimal PII from an individual going through your flow, yet still receive a wealth of background information. 

Persona can provide international watchlist checks across global lists of known bad actors, in addition to checks around phone number and email address. When an individual is going through the Inquiry flow, we will let you know if there were any matches and when the report is ready. You can add a webhook to create an event for a watchlist match, and you can track the status of a report in your Persona dashboard. You can also create a Workflow to build out scenarios for if there is a watchlist hit.

Watchlist report under Account profile in the Persona dashboard
Watchlist report under Account profile

Schedule continuous reports in Persona

Continuous reports allow you to schedule reports on a regular basis to establish a cadence. For compliance reasons, you may need to generate recurring reports against individuals. In addition to this, Persona lets you integrate this neatly into your workflow by: 

  • Creating alerts based on report results via webhooks
  • Configuring report schedules to match compliance needs 
  • Maintaining aggregated reports in one place

If you’d like to start using reports in Persona, contact your customer success representative or email [email protected]. The schedule can be set up on a time interval, on a per report type basis, or can be triggered by inquiries. 

Persona will continue to release new types of reports. If there is a report type that would be helpful to you, please let us know! 

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