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Build onboarding flows that convert with Dynamic Flow

Customers like LedgerX and Coursera drive conversion at every screen with Dynamic Flow.

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Building a first-class onboarding experience will always be a priority for product orgs. “First impressions matter” isn’t just a vague concept — a recent study found that 25% of users abandon apps after just one use.

Whether you’re a delivery app or a crypto exchange, conversion comes down to a truly great onboarding experience — how fast and easy it is for the right users to get access to the right products.

Product teams at companies like LedgerX, Z League, Carvana, and Rently use Persona’s Dynamic Flow, along with our new no-code editor, to create beautiful, optimized flows for onboarding, identity verification, and beyond.

We’re excited to share how Dynamic Flow empowers you to build identity flows that maximize conversion while still applying the right amount of friction to keep bad actors out. Let’s dig in!

Build and optimize flows without developer resources

Oftentimes, the biggest roadblock to a conversion-optimized flow isn’t user segmentation or a specific screen — it’s building, launching, and iterating on the flow quickly.

We believe any product team should be able to do this, so we’ve released a new visual, self-serve editor that allows you to build conversion-optimized flows without needing a single line of code. No matter how complex your flows are, the editor makes it easy to visualize what end users see when they go through your flow.

Once you understand the user journey, you can add and remove screens, change the theme to match your brand, send users to different screens based on their risk, and configure verifications — all using the WYSIWYG interface. Once you’re happy with what you see, test the changes live and launch the new flow in just a few clicks.

Rather than fighting for costly developer resources, you now have the power to build your own flows on any platform. Existing customers can jump into the Dashboard and start exploring today.

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See how Dynamic Flow can help you convert more users

Maximize conversion for good users while stepping up friction for bad users

It’s easy to agree that onboarding journeys should be personalized. The hard part is actually doing it — both understanding each user and orchestrating the right journey for them in real-time. Other solutions rely on rigid, upfront template configuration to manually serve the same experience to different users. Dynamic Flow is the only solution that can serve different experiences to different users based on risk signals in real time, constantly adjusting the flow as users progress.

We do this by capturing information about each user and how they’re going through the flow that can be used as inputs, allowing you to personalize the output of what each user sees next.

For instance, one customer asks users to submit an additional selfie verification if they uploaded an image of their ID, because uploads are more prone to fraud than live captures. Another customer flags users that are clicking out of the flow and into different windows or tabs (a behavior signal correlated with potential scammers) and shows those users a new screen that directs to manual review.

By personalizing a user’s experience based on these signals, down to what screens they see or what verifications are run, you deter only bad actors, not actual users.

With Persona, we can now seamlessly run step-up verifications for our customers who would otherwise fail KYC verification, increasing conversion and reducing drop-off from legitimate customers.
Ahmed Siddiqui
VP of Product at Branch

Get conversion-oriented collection experiences out of the box

Across thousands of different customer flows, we’ve learned that small user interactions matter just as much as the overall sequence of screens. Each interaction, whether it’s submitting a document or inputting an address, can impact conversion.

Refining these details requires a lot of time, effort, and analysis. Luckily, our team obsesses over these details so you don’t have to. For example, Dynamic Flow automatically comes with:

Optimized capture experience

Capture ID and selfie submissions seamlessly and accurately with support for different capture methods across any platform and live capture guidance and tool tips. For instance, desktop users can send themselves a link via QR code, SMS, or email to continue on a different device.

Streamlined data collection

Speed users through your flow faster by extracting all the information from a government ID and pre-filling forms for the customer to validate. Collect supplemental documents like proof of address or proof of income with native document collection, then verify the legitimacy of those documents in seconds.

Theming superpowers

The look and feel of your flow plays a huge role in converting users. Beyond custom themes, you can also style the details of individual components on a screen, like alignment, font size, or button width. Plus, when you make one change on your flow, it’ll automatically propagate across all your client integrations across iOS, Android, and web.

And that’s just a taste — we love to nerd out about the best user experiences!

Build your ideal onboarding flow today just like Carvana, LedgerX, and Z-League

Dynamic Flow powers the onboarding experiences for millions of end-users today — from esports players logging into Z League to crypto investors signing up for LedgerX.

With Dynamic Flow, you can build any onboarding journey you can imagine, without compromising on conversion or risk. If you’re interested in building not just better verification flows, but better user journeys, reach out to your CSM or get a demo today.

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