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Investigate and proactively block fraud rings with link analysis
Verification flows that adapt to real-time fraud signals
Identify more fraudsters with holistic risk signal
Investigate and proactively block fraud rings with link analysis
Verification flows that adapt to real-time fraud signals
Identify more fraudsters with holistic risk signal
time savings with automated verifications
conversion while meeting compliance
completion rate —maximizing completion rates while minimizing the risk of fraud
automated verifications and unites KYB and KYC
automated verifications while proactively fighting fraud

Verification flows that adapt to real-time fraud signals

Let more good users in while deterring potential fraudsters by dynamically adjusting friction based on user risk signals. Customize everything from what forms of IDs you’ll accept to the branding of your verification flow.

Dynamic friction

Adjust friction in real time based on users’ risk profiles to deter bad actors and convert good users faster.

Custom verification methods

Pick and choose from a robust library of verification methods to ensure a user’s identity is authentic.

Automated Verifications

Verify users in seconds and keep PII safe by eliminating the need for third-party manual reviews.

3 Point Biometrics

Protect against identity spoofing by comparing a selfie to an ID portrait with a 3 point composite and biometric liveness checks.

Document verification

Collect and verify documents (like government IDs, business documents, and more) to identify the people and businesses you work with.

Data Privacy

Securely store PII according to your requirements with Persona. Control redaction policies, who has access, and how you use data to support users across their identity lifecycle.

Identify more fraudsters with holistic risk signals

Make better decisions by consolidating all your risk signals — active, passive, or enriched from third-party data sources — into one place. Remove uncertainty by determining the exact criteria that you deem risky and decide when you want to block or reverify individuals.

Watchlists screenings

Automatically screen users against lists of your choosing, such as global sanction, warning, and PEP lists.

Behavioral & Collected signals

Leverage signals collected during the user’s verification flow to detect any suspicious behavior.

Third-party sources

Enrich user profiles with data from third-party sources with no-code integrations.

Duplicate Account Protection

Flag repeat users and prevent bad actors from using duplicate or doctored IDs to regain entry.

Account takeover protection

Automatically reverify users when you detect risky behavior, like unknown IP addresses or new devices.

Case Management

Send edge cases for manual review and create a custom investigations hub for your team.

Catch large-scale fraud with less effort

Automatically connect the dots on identity data to uncover and quantify the reach of fraud rings. Safeguard against future fraud by blocking entire fraud rings and adapting your fraud strategy with link analysis insights. Conduct expert-level investigations easier, faster, and at scale — without major time or engineering investment.


Visualize risky connections between user accounts, even those multiple degrees away, to uncover large-scale identity fraud.


Block or flag individuals based on known or collected information.


Create automated rules to flag risky actors based on customer criteria, block known bad actors, and more based on fraud insights.


Enrich your investigation by importing internal or 3rd party data to further cluster and identify risk signals.

High stakes, high level of control

Continually optimize your fraud strategy with insights from link analyses and analytics. Empower your manual review teams with customizable case management views and custom macros that help them close the loop on investigations.


Build your ideal review process by mixing and matching from a robust library of case modules, such as modules to display Persona and third-party data, checklists, communication modules, and more. 

Third-party integrations

Build custom follow-up actions that your team can access from their case view so that they don’t need to switch between programs.

Link analysis view

Give analysts a more holistic picture by allowing them to visualize the networks that customers operate in during AML investigations.

Fraud rule sets

Create no-code rule sets around fraud patterns to automatically keep bad actors out.

Automatic enrichment and follow-ups

Automatically pull in data from third-party sources like SentiLink and initiate follow-up actions in third-party systems like Salesforce.

Modular permissions and access controls

Create custom permission sets for your teams and control who can access sensitive PII data and exactly what they can access.

Enrich user risk profiles with on-demand reports


Screen across global sanction, warning, and PEP lists automatically. Customize the lists to screen through and match configurations to reduce false positives.

Adverse media

Supercharge your Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) process by automating customized adverse media checks across 400+ million news articles.

Social media report

Surface your customers’ social media in a fully-compliant manner to meet your KYC and marketing needs.

Email and phone risk

Assess the fraud risk and reputation of an email address or phone number from suspicious or fake actors.

Address lookup

Validate address deliverability and address type (commercial vs. residential, PO Box), as well as surface street views.

Verify users the way you want

Pick and choose from signals powered by thousands of authoritative data sources, including global watchlists, adverse media, and email/phone risk reports.

Government ID

Extract and verify government IDs, such as passports and driver’s licenses, with configurable and automated heuristic checks across 200+ countries and territories.

Biometric verifications

Protect against identity spoofing by automatically comparing a selfie to the ID portrait with a 3 point composite and biometric liveness checks. Let good users in quickly while keeping fraudsters out with custom liveness thresholds.


Compare names, SSNs, and birthdates against Social Security Administration records to better assess end user risk (e.g., those with thin files, synthetic fraud).¹

DMV verification (AAMVA)

Validate information on US driver’s licenses and IDs against DMV records to detect fraudulent IDs.

Phone Carrier Verification

Verify the authenticity of inputted phone numbers by checking the legal name and phone number against global telecommunications carrier databases.

Phone verification (2FA)

Verify the ownership of an inputted phone number with two-factor authentication via call or text.

Device signals

Detect potential fraud by monitoring passive signals such as IP address, device fingerprint, and more.

mDL verification

Verify mobile driver’s licenses (mDLs) from industry leading digital wallet providers to reduce friction for users. Now available for iOS devices.

Wherever your users are, we’re there too

Scale where you want to, the way you want to. Persona provides coverage all over the globe and across many languages, and we’re always looking for more opportunities to expand your coverage.

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Security and privacy at our core

Security and privacy are paramount to a trusted relationship. That’s why Persona is compliant and certified to the highest industry standards and committed to protecting you and your customers' privacy.
Persona enables us to look at all signals from a customer and catch red flags in a way that the human eye can’t. Rather than manually comparing past applications or scrutinizing ID photos, Persona’s AI helps us automatically identify these bad actors, saving us a lot of hassle.”
Yaseen Refai-Ahmed
Fraud intelligence manager at Newton

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