If your organization has been affected by COVID-19, please contact us to learn about complimentary automated identity verification.

Reduce losses and streamline onboarding with an elegant verification flow.

  • Fully Automated

    Unlike many other solutions, Persona's identity verification solution is fully automated, with no humans in the loop. This means you can limit access to sensitive personally identifiable information.

  • Polished and Configurable

    Persona's UI components can be swapped with simple configuration changes, making it easy to create and manage custom-tailored flows for your unique use case.

  • Easy to Integrate

    Persona's API is simple and easy to integrate. You can even get up and running without engineering or design resources with our hosted verification flow.

What our customers say

“As a credit card company, it's critical that we prevent bad actors from getting approved while letting in legitimate applicants. Persona has been super effective in helping us combat fraud while providing a fast and secure experience for applicants.”

“Persona's combination of document verification and live facial comparison ensures a speedy, automated and highly secure account recovery experience for our customers.”

“Because Persona provides such a great user-experience, our conversion rates have remained steady even after implementing a comprehensive onboarding process. At the same time we feel a lot more confident in our ability to weed out bad actors.”

We work with companies large and small, consumer and enterprise alike.

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