If your organization has been affected by COVID-19, please contact us to learn about complimentary automated identity verification.

Adapt to changing regulations with a customizable identity verification flow.

  • Streamlined Experience

    Persona's platform allows new customers to complete their identity verification quickly and obtain their results instantaneously, instead of waiting hours or days — increasing the speed of onboarding, reducing abandonment and offering a quicker path to revenue.

  • Easy to Integrate

    Persona's API is simple and easy to integrate. You can even get up and running without engineering or design resources with our hosted verification flow.

  • Global Reach

    Persona's worldwide coverage (192 countries and 8 languages) ensures that you can verify users of any nationality.

What our customers say

“As a Fintech company, the privacy and security of our customers’ data is top of mind. With Persona, we can rest assured that our customers’ data is handled securely every step of the way, without having to handle the data ourselves.”

“It was easy and fast for us to implement Persona - the API was simple and clearly documented. I read the docs and wrote the integration in an hour or so.”

We work with companies large and small, consumer and enterprise alike.

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