Deter, detect, and deny fraud

Mitigate fraud-related loss by adding deterrence and friction for risky actors while providing a seamless experience for legitimate users.

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Deter potential fraudsters with dynamic friction

Discourage fraud attempts without turning away legitimate users by tailoring the amount of friction along their verification journey. Choose from one of the industry’s widest range of verification types and surface them dynamically at key customer touchpoints.

New user onboarding

Pick and choose verification methods, from government IDs to database verifications, to match your business’ risk tolerance.
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Account takeover prevention

Protect customers by requiring re-authentication, like phone verification, before allowing critical account details to be updated.

High-value transactions

Prevent financial fraud with biometric selfie scans to validate a returning user’s identity before allowing them to complete a high-value transaction.
Persona's combination of document verification and live facial comparison ensures a speedy, automated, and highly secure account recovery for our customers.
Mac Muir
Operations at Empower

Detect more fraud with a holistic set of signals

Identify bad actors while minimizing conversion drop-offs by customizing verification checks by risk segment. Create unique segmentation based on a comprehensive set of risk signals by combining active, passive, and behavioral data.

Consolidate your business’ risk signals

Leverage signals like adverse media, email and phone risk, device data, and more, and combine them with any internal risk data you may have to truly understand a user’s risk profile.
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Balance between friction and conversion

Mix and match verification checks from an expansive library, from barcode detection to liveness checks, and customize each risk segment’s verification journey to obtain the optimal balance between friction and conversion.

Identify fraud rings and repeat offenders

Use the simple Graph UI to spot links between seemingly unrelated users and transactions based on identifying data to discover risky activity.

Deny fraudsters, permanently

Protect your platform by automatically denying access to bad actors. Build automation to continuously monitor and reverify customers throughout their lifecycle at customizable checkpoints to maintain trust and safety.

Deny access to known fraudsters

Add known fraudsters to a blocklist and build workflows to identify linked accounts and automatically deny access so they never reach your platform or operations team.
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Surface edge cases for manual review

Create cases for risky actors and run additional verifications for added assurance.
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Because Persona provides such a great user experience, our conversion rates have remained steady even after implementing a comprehensive onboarding process.
Ishwar Dhanuka
CEO at MyRent
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