An exclusive in-person event for Persona customers

Join us on May 22 in San Francisco for Persona's inaugural customer event to hear influential industry leaders share new strategies and tools for approaching identity and fraud challenges.
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5:00-7:00 pm
Welcome reception
8:30-9:30 am
Check in & Breakfast
9:30 am
Welcome to With Persona
Fu Han Liang, Persona
9:35 am
The evolving landscape of identity
Rick Song, Persona
In today's digital world, the identity landscape is facing more uncertainty and evolving rapidly, making it essential to verify the "who" rather than just the "what." Join Rick Song, CEO of Persona, as he discusses core trends across fraud, regulations, privacy, and trust and shares why identity is more important than ever for secure online interactions and transactions.
9:55 am
Identity in the GenAI age
Jake Brill, OpenAI

Rick Song, Persona
Join Jake Brill from OpenAI in a fireside chat as he delves into the intricate challenges posed by GenAI — and its implications on the identity and fraud landscape. Jake will also share insights into OpenAI's approach to mitigating misuse and unlocking new opportunities as the AI landscape continues to evolve.
10:15 am
Voices of experience: 
A panel discussion on identity orchestration
Laura Milanez, Persona   

Sidra Khan, Taskrabbit

David Chachanko, BitGo    

Achint Goel, Gusto
Customer journeys have evolved significantly, with identity becoming a critical component. Organizations now prioritize identity orchestration to optimize trust and safety strategies. This session will explore the latest trends and best practices in fraud prevention, as well as practical strategies for implementing a multi-layered approach to fraud prevention and identity management.
10:50 am
11:00 am
Earned wage access as a solution: Balancing accessibility with compliance
Ahmed Siddiqui, Branch

Christie Kim, Persona
Join Ahmed Siddiqui from Branch in this session where he delves into the risks and considerations of earned wage access (EWA) and how to safeguard payments while enabling equitable financial services.
11:20 am
Developing compliance 
programs in 2024: Navigating challenges, driving successes, 
and lessons learned
Jas Randhawa, StrategyBRIX
Compliance is becoming intertwined into all facets of companies, regardless if they’re fintechs or social media platforms. Learn from Jas Randhawa from StrategyBRIX about how to tailor seamless and effective compliance programs amidst a swirl of regulatory scrutiny and change.
11:40 am
12:55 pm
Adapting to complexity: Navigating the present and future of identity operations
Hear from Persona’s leadership on how we are empowering enterprise customers to navigate complexity  - whether it’s increasing fraud, regulatory ambiguity, or emergent use-cases. Learn how to adapt with ease and grow safely while maintaining simplicity across your team’s identity solutions.
2:15 pm
2:25 pm
Birds of a feather discussions
Join these casual conversations on your topics of interest to discuss the trends you're seeing and the creative ways your teams are approaching these challenges.
2:55 pm
3:05 pm
Emerging trends in identity
3:25 pm
Fraudology and youology: 
The latest insights & lessons on identity related fraud
Karisse Hendrick, Chargelytics
Staying up to date on the latest identity fraud vectors is a constant challenge for all businesses. Karisse Hendrick of Chargelytics is here to is here to share intelligence to help you stay ahead in the fight against fraud… and take your questions on the matter!
4:05 pm
The future of trust & safety: 
The interplay of identity, privacy, and fraud
Jerry Ruoti, Character.AI

Christie Kim, Persona
The trust & safety function has become more cross-functional and critical to organizational success. Join Jerry Ruoti (Meta, Airbnb, Doordash, Character.AI), for a fireside chat as he shares valuable lessons from his experience building trust and safety programs across different industries and his perspective on the latest trends and developments in the space.
4:25 pm
Final reflections
Jeff Sakasegawa, Persona
Join us for the concluding session of With Persona as we take a moment to express gratitude, reflect on our key learnings, and identify actionable takeaways to carry forward.
4:30-6:00 pm
Happy hour & networking


If your question isn’t answered below, please email [email protected] and we’d be happy to help. Hope you can join us!
Who is this event for?

With Persona is an invitation-only event for Persona users who focus on identity and fraud in their day-to-day work.

Can I come?

With Persona is currently an invite-only event. If you did not receive a direct invitation from the Persona team, we’d be happy to welcome you to a different event in the future. For any questions or concerns, please email [email protected].

I can no longer attend. Can a colleague use my ticket?

Please reply to your original invitation email and copy [email protected] to request sending a substitute in your place.

Who will be speaking?

Our speaker list is growing every day! Currently, we have Jake Brill (OpenAI, Instacart), Jerry Ruoti (Character.AI, DoorDash), Jas Randhawa (StrategyBRIX, Stripe), and more industry experts leading sessions on compliance, fraud trends, and building great user experiences. Check back regularly for more information, as additional speakers are confirmed daily. 

How can I buy tickets and what form of payment is accepted?

With Persona is a free event. Please register using the form at the bottom of this page.

If I cannot attend, will sessions be recorded?

Sessions will not be recorded and are only available for in-person consumption. However, you can access Persona’s library of video and webinar resources here.

What travel assistance is available?

We’re delighted to offer travel assistance and lodging to invited guests located more than 35 miles outside of San Francisco.

Once you register, please indicate via the form if you require travel assistance. We’ll invite you to book airfare through Navan and reserve a room on your behalf at the Four Seasons at Embarcadero. You’ll also receive additional information on reimbursable expenses once registered.

How do I change my registration?

Please contact us at [email protected] if you need to change your registration or cancel your travel bookings.

Can I still register if I am unable to attend the full day?

Yes, you’re still welcome to register. We will have spaces available if you need to take calls or step away from the content for personal matters. Please email [email protected] to let the team know if you will be arriving late or departing early.

What accessibility and dietary accommodations are available?

Our goal is to ensure With Persona is as inclusive and accessible as possible. 

The venues we’ve booked meet International Accessibility Standards guidelines, and we’ve designed the space for guests to feel comfortable while listening to content or engaging in breakout sessions. Accessible seating is also available upon request. 

Event communications will use gender-neutral pronouns, and name badges will include your submitted preferred pronouns.

Large group meals will have ingredients and allergens listed. If you have communicated your needs with the event staff and the kitchen cannot provide a suitable meal for you, you can expense meals (up to a designated amount) on site.

We’ll also be collecting feedback during and after the event to gauge accessibility and comfort levels.

That said, no detail is too small — if you have a request that is not covered above, please email [email protected], and we’d be happy to look into alternatives and solutions.

Learn from leaders across various industries. Uncover best practices through shared experiences.
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