Protect users and your business at every step of the customer journey

Humanize your user experience by creating dynamic verification flows that adjust to each user’s risk profile using Persona’s configurable identity platform.

Reverify users at risky touchpoints and cadence that works for your business
Discover fraud rings and risky activity with easy-to-visualize link analysis
Scale and streamline manual operations by blocking bad actors automatically
Trusted by startups & the world’s largest companies

Verify users’ physical identity during onboarding

Protect against identity spoofing
Verify users in real time and catch common spoofs with 3-point composites, gesture detection, and customizable liveness thresholds.
Optimize conversion flows for any device
Minimize user error with frame-by-frame guidance and fallback options.
Compare against face portraits (IDs)
Automatically compare live selfies to uploaded ID portraits to verify ownership of the ID.
Reverify users instantly
Ensure the right user is accessing an account by comparing new selfies against previously collected selfies in real time.

Expose hard-to-catch fraud rings quickly

Capture more fraud by uncovering the reach of fraud rings. Find linked accounts using Persona-collected or imported data, and alert your team via the dashboard, Slack, or email, so they can investigate complex attacks in real time.
< 3 seconds to run complex Graph queries across millions of nodes

Scale and streamline manual operations

Run all identity-related processes — from consolidating data to automating decisions — in one hub, and enable your manual reviews team to make better and faster decisions.

Improve manual review operations

Protect user data and increase review efficiency by only surfacing needed case details. Ensure review quality with custom checklists that agents must complete before resolving cases.

Automate your identity processes

Keep your user base safe by adding known fraudsters and users who abuse your terms of service to a blocklist and deny future access.

Integrate in an afternoon

Choose the integration method that works for your business: no-code with a hosted link, or an embedded native flow on your platform.
One of the main things I was looking for in an identity solution was being able to customize the user experience. It can be very frustrating having to verify your identity, so we wanted to make sure we could streamline the process, integrate the process into our app, and customize the flow so it looked like the Coffee Meets Bagel brand.
JJ Foster
Trust and safety manager

Security and privacy at our core

Security and privacy are paramount to a trusted relationship. That’s why Persona is compliant and certified to the highest industry standards and committed to protecting you and your customers' privacy.

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Trusted by startups and the world’s largest companies