Customize the way you know your customers

Explore the building blocks you need to create the ideal identity verification experience for your customers and business.

Dashboard that consolidates information submitted by the user, such as their driver's license and selfie

Onboard more customers

Automatically verify users in seconds. Plus, customize your verification flow to match your brand and minimize user error with live guidance, auto-capture, and seamless device handoffs.

User risk assessment illustration

Deter fraud without hurting conversion

Convert good users faster by dynamically adjusting friction based on real-time risk signals during the collection flow.

Streamline all your identity operations

Automate everything related to identity at scale. Collect PII, approve good users, trigger additional verifications when needed, route edge cases that need manual review to your support team, and integrate with any 3rd party software you use.

Easy integration

Integrate in an afternoon so you can focus on your business. Choose from our mobile SDK, hosted flow, or embedded flow: whatever makes your dev team happy.

Loved by industry leaders

Behind the scenes, Persona was invaluable in helping ensure tens of thousands of small businesses could have a smooth, transparent, and efficient PPP funding process through Square Capital.
Persona enables us to seamlessly customize the verification process, accounting for the unique needs and forms of identification across Coursera’s global learner community.
We didn’t see another solution in the market that would guarantee protection for guest data, while still allowing reliable access in order to process new bookings; the way they have built the product to prioritize GDPR and CCPA compliance made Persona the clear choice for our team.
Persona also worked with us to ensure that all forms of clinically valid documents were able to work within their system. They were communicative, collaborative, and comprehensive in thinking through our needs.
With Persona, we can now seamlessly run step-up verifications for our customers who would otherwise fail KYC verification, increasing conversion and reducing drop-off from legitimate customers.
Switching to Persona really increased our conversion rate and allowed folks to fly through the pipeline in a more efficient manner.
There was no competition when it came to Persona’s breadth of services — no one else offered everything.
Throughout the entire process from partner selection to implementation and testing, the level of support and collaboration with the Persona team was truly incredible...Thanks to the tight partnership with Persona this integration was a real success.

Wherever your users are, we're there too

Persona's coverage spans across 200+ countries and territories, and is available in 20 different languages to support your business internationally.

Map showing the many countries you can use persona in

Security and privacy at our core

Security and privacy are paramount to a trusted relationship. That’s why Persona is certified to the highest industry standards and committed to protecting you and your customer's privacy.

Persona complies with CCPA, GDPR, AICPA SOC2 Type 2, FERPA, HIPAA

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