The identity solution
that works for your business

Platforms across all industries are building their perfect identity verification solution with Persona

Age-restricted Goods and Services

  • Prevent underage individuals from purchasing your product through age verification
  • Mitigate fraud by performing KYC/AML checks on your online gaming platform
  • Meet and exceed the demands of ever-changing regulations

Gig economy

  • Make sure that customers are interacting with vetted service providers
  • Build trust by keeping bots out
  • Seamlessly onboard new, but trusted providers

Financial services

  • Seamlessly comply with KYC and AML regulations
  • Give more opportunities for customers to use your service
  • Fight fraud like synthetic identity theft and account takeovers

Online communities

  • Increase authenticity by verifying that customers are who they say they are
  • Reduce misinformation by making sure customers are unique
  • Build trust by keeping bots out
  • Let the verified voices be heard


  • Reduce your manual support
  • Like first time customers or large purchases
  • Lower loss rates by giving risky customers a chance to verify their identity
  • Support verification on any ecommerce platform of your choosing