Mitigating fraud in business banking: Lessons from consumer banking's digital transformation

Experts discuss the impact of digital transformations to business banking and offer tips to streamline merchant onboarding while minimizing risk.
Tuesday, March 19, 2024
9:00 am
12:42 pm

Banks and payment platforms need robust Know Your Business (KYB) programs to effectively onboard merchants and prevent fraud. Today, this process is usually disjointed and operationally expensive, as it involves numerous steps, including finding the right KYB and KYC sources and making informed decisions based on acceptable business risk.

In this discussion, experts with experience in banking, P2P platforms, and fraud prevention will offer practical tips on how to streamline merchant onboarding while minimizing risk.

Mélisande Mual
Publisher and Managing Director at The Paypers
Sasha Dobrolioubov
Head of Partnerships and Business Development at Persona
Rebecca Aguilar
Director of Compliance at Tabapay
Dan Stanbridge
Chief Risk Officer at Flexcharge
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