Persona and Guidehouse Webinar

Turning pain into gain: How to learn from and adapt to fraud

Tuesday, November 7, 2023
9:00 am
12:00 pm

No matter how prepared your business is, fraud attacks are practically inevitable in this day and age. Every organization has plans to deter fraud, but maybe the question we should be asking is: how can we learn from these events and strengthen our internal systems to better authenticate users? 

In this discussion, Ajay Guru of Guidehouse and Jeff Sakasegawa of Persona draw insights from their experience in the financial crime and compliance space to offer tips on how to learn from fraud attacks and better protect your online business.

Watch this discussion to learn:
  • How scams can offer value (by way of informing policies and procedures)
  • Why authenticating and verifying users is especially important in the face of the Digital Services Act, DAC7, INFORM Act, and PSR
  • How to address today’s scams while also putting in safeguards for potential future attempts
Ajay Guru
Partner, Financial Crime, Fraud and Investigative Services at Guidehouse
Trust and Safety Architect at Persona
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