Product Demo

Solution demo: International Know Your Business

See how Persona's Know Your Business (KYB) platform helps orgs onboard and verify businesses around the world with seamless KYB-KYC in this demo.
Thursday, February 29, 2024
10:00 am
1:00 pm

Watch a demonstration of our solution, international KYB. This innovative solution enables product and compliance teams to onboard and verify businesses (and the people behind them) globally with seamless KYB-KYC. 

Get a look into the solution — from front-end user flows to global verification options, workflow automation, and our manual review hub — and learn how it makes international expansion seamless.

Download to see how to:
  • Build business and beneficial owner verification that balances conversion and fraud
  • Create localized, personalized flows with Persona's intuitive Flow Editor
  • Streamline and automate KYB and KYC processes for all of your regions with unified workflows and standardized decisioning
Shana Vu
Product Marketing at Persona
Product leader, Persona
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