Are regulators shifting focus to fraud? Make sure your team is prepared

Learn how fraud leaders need to think ahead and improve existing practices in advance of upcoming regulatory changes.
Thursday, April 4, 2024
10:00 am

Similar to compliance, fraud teams will soon find themselves on regulators’ radar. We’ve already seen this via the Digital Services Act in the EU, which requires transparency reports on details such as types of policy abuses and number of accounts banned. Previously, this information rarely left your company — are you prepared to subject your work to regulatory scrutiny? Watch this webinar to learn how to get ahead of the regulatory curve with strategies you can adopt today to save yourself future operational headaches and catch more fraud.

Here's what you'll learn:
  • The convergence of fraud and compliance functions will only accelerate, pushed by payments and anti-money laundering regulations alike
  • Transparency reports can provide a roadmap for fraud teams in the likely event that they’ll be reporting on their own efforts soon
  • Recommendations for driving cross-functional alignment between fraud and compliance teams, leveraging shared data
Trust and Safety Architect at Persona
Ryan Hunter
Director of Identity & Fraud Strategy at Bilt Rewards
Pamela Calaquian
US Partner at Semantic Visions
Ronald Praetsch
Co-Founder of About Fraud
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