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Let's get Pawsonal: Meet Ducky!

Get to know Ducky, a 2 year old pup whose human role model is Audrey Hepburn.

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At Persona, we love our pets. We think they're smart, funny, and cute, and we're always looking for opportunities to show them off. For National Pet Day, we thought we'd take a break from our monthly Q&As with various Personerds and instead introduce you to some of the pets behind Persona — err... Pawsona.

Today, meet Ducky, a 2 year old pup who resembles Audrey Hepburn and is obsessed with bananas. She details her ideal day, reviews her pawrents, and more in this Q&A:

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Ducky, and I'm a 2 year old pup living in sunny San Diego! I love the beach, chasing birds, playing frisbee, and EATING — but I don't love cats or when my pawrents run the washing machine (I hide upstairs in the bathtub just in case). My human role model is Audrey Hepburn — I've been told the resemblance is uncanny.

What is your favorite snack?

Everything. I love eating everything. I know the sound of a banana opening, so when my pawrents open one in the morning, I'm right there and get a little bite. They're pretty stingy, though. I also love eating grass, sticks, leaves, really anything — fiber is key for a balanced diet.

What is your ideal day?

I wake up, and my pawrents accidentally give me two breakfasts. They didn't have coffee yet so they were a bit out of it. Then, we go to the dog beach — I love running around with other dog friends and rolling in the sand as we're about to leave just to remind the humans that we should stay longer next time. They don't always listen well, so sometimes I have to repeat myself. Then, we go home and I lay in the yard in the sun for the next 6 hours. I growl at them to play frisbee with me after lunch, and then I lay in the sun more. Finally, we go on a nice evening walk and I say hi to the neighborhood dogs. There's a slim chance they'll accidentally give me two dinners, but a dog can dream. And then I go to bed and wake up and do it all again tomorrow!

If you were to work at Persona, what would you do?

Definitely sales. Look at this face. Always. Be. Closing.

How would you describe your owner?

My pawrents are very well trained — we had a LOT of time together over the past two years. They always remember to give me treats and pets, and are good about taking me on doggy playdates, although we're still working on their recall — sometimes when I bark, they don't immediately start playing with me. They also sit a lot more than I expected — they seem to be at these desks a lot instead of sleeping or playing outside, which I find weird. Overall I'm really happy with their behavior, though.

What would you do with your first paycheck?

What WOULDN'T I do with my first paycheck. Buy bananas, peanut butter (all my favorites), more toys (my pawrents never buy me stuffed animals cause I destroy and eat them, but I'd buy them for myself anyways). And that's probably it — I'm mainly interested in food and toys. The pawrents deal with the other necessities.

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