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Let's get Pawsonal: Meet Cloud!

Get to know Cloud, a 2 year old Cockapoo who loves peanut butter ice cream, muddy hikes, and cuddles.

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At Persona, we love our pets. We think they're smart, funny, and cute, and we're always looking for opportunities to show them off. For National Pet Day, we thought we'd take a break from our monthly Q&As with various Personerds and instead introduce you to some of the pets behind Persona — err... Pawsona.

Today, meet Cloud, a Cockapoo who loves muddy hikes — but hates baths. He digs into his ideal day, how he'd describe his owners (or his pawrents, as he calls them), and more in this Q&A:

Tell us a little about yourself.

My full name is Cloud Beau Tran, and I'm a 2 year old Cockapoo. I was born in Sacramento, lived in SF with my pawrents, and moved back to Sacramento. My birthday is the day after my mom's, and I love her dearly. I also love Greenies, the beach, peanut butter ice cream, pulling my dad on his skateboard, hiking when it's muddy, and cuddles. I really don't like brushing my teeth, baths, and huskies (although mom is trying to change this).

What is your favorite snack?

Greenie Dental Chews (I weep if I haven't had them in a long time)

What is your ideal day?

Beach days, especially if I get to dig holes and rub myself on stinky stuff. Me no like water tho. This would be followed by lots of cuddles with mom and dad and some raw salmon.

If you were to work at Persona, what would you do?

I'd be Persona's own Data Dog. Me is very good at barking and alerting.

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How would you describe your owner?

My pawrents? I love them and love taking care of them because they need me. It makes me happy to see them joking around, but sometimes they need to remember I like to be included in the jokes, too! I am a momma's boy for many reasons — she always sneaks me (well-deserved) treats when dad isn't looking and always wants to take me with her.

What would you do with your first paycheck?

Take my pawrents on a beach vacation!

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