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Capture more fraud with less effort using link analysis via Persona Graph

Proactively stop hard-to-catch fraud in its tracks with Persona

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While most businesses understandably aim to grow as big as possible, the road to becoming the next Google isn’t usually smooth or glamorous. It’s a lot of pressure, takes a ton of resources, and perhaps most worryingly, often attracts unwanted attention.

Fraudsters are attracted to growth — the bigger your company, the bigger the target on your back. Unfortunately, thousands of fraudsters are much harder to stop than just a few, and large-scale attacks can quickly overwhelm your team and cost you money, time, customers, and even your reputation.

To address this problem with the resources they have, many businesses resort to building their own tools to combat bad actors. The challenge is, not only do these tools require a ton of resources to build and maintain, but they often also result in shortcomings such as being inflexible, inefficient, and slower to identify and quantify the reach of larger-scale fraud attacks. Additionally, these tools aren’t able to help fraud teams act on these insights in real time, making it extremely difficult for businesses to keep up with the ever-changing fraud landscape. In short, organizations are dedicating a ton of resources to ineffective fraud solutions, only to spend more time manually dealing with repeat offenders.

At Persona, we understand the need for a more holistic and aggregate approach to approaching fraud, having helped many companies collect, verify, and make decisions about their identity data. Thus, we knew that if we could help organizations visualize all of this data so they could see how user accounts are connected, we could make it easy to spot fraud rings and other attacks, such as promo abuse, money laundering, and duplicate or fake accounts. Today, we’re excited to give you a quick tour of what we’ve built.

Introducing Graph, Persona’s link analysis solution

Graph is the first-of-its-kind fraud investigation and link analysis tool that pairs identity data with sophisticated link analysis to help fraud and compliance teams catch more bad actors efficiently and stop fraud before it happens via proactive blocking. This enables businesses to uncover and block hard-to-catch fraud incidents before they happen — and quickly adapt their fraud strategy against repeat offenders.

With Graph, your business can:

Expose hard-to-catch fraud rings with automatic clustering.

Fraud isn’t always obvious. Sometimes, catching it requires zooming out and looking at how users are connected. With Graph, find accounts that are linked by IP address, device fingerprint, browser fingerprint, SSN, email address, phone number, and more. Plus, businesses can bring in their own data which are transformed into custom properties for link analysis.

For example, a marketplace customer using Graph previously had issues fighting fraudsters who signed up for multiple accounts to get promotional bonuses. At a glance, each account looked legitimate because the bad actors kept using different information to sign up. However, thanks to Graph, the organization was able to run complex queries across tens of millions of nodes and find linked accounts in less than 3 seconds. As a result, they quickly discovered that all of these accounts were created using the same device.

In short, Graph makes it easy to catch and quickly quantify the threat of fraud rings by automatically surfacing links — even those multiple degrees away — between user accounts that may indicate large-scale identity fraud. Organizations can search for and analyze these connections based on almost any type of property, from phone numbers to device fingerprints, using both data collected by Persona and data they’ve imported into our system to get the fullest picture of their fraud landscape.

Stop fraud incidents before they happen with automated decisioning.

Identifying fraud is pointless if you can’t act on your findings. While internally built solutions can be slower to react to fraud, Graph’s fast performance combined with our orchestration tool, Workflows, helps our customers unlock real-time decisioning and proactively block repeat fraudsters.

Once the marketplace Graph customer mentioned above identified fraud rings in its system, it immediately banned the fraudulent accounts, placed them on a blocklist, and built workflows to automatically prevent these bad actors from creating more accounts. Additionally, it set up notifications to alert the team if the system uncovers accounts that seem suspicious (for example, if multiple accounts share the same IP or address). With Graph automating decisions, blocking known fraudsters, and continually scanning for risk signals, the business has more time to focus on growth initiatives while staying on top of emerging fraud trends and ensuring marketplace users have a safe place to transact.

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See how Graph can help you catch and block fraud

Conduct expert-level investigations with minimal engineering investment.

While other fraud solutions, such as spreadsheets and homegrown tools, often require significant time, manual follow-up, and heavy engineering and data knowledge (among other resources), we specifically built Graph to be automated, actionable, and accessible to your entire team without painful engineering work.

Between dedicated support from Persona, ready-to-use and configurable querying, and an intuitive, no-code interface, anyone on your team can start investigating like an expert in no time. See what’s causing the most damage to your business by retroactively examining and comparing timestamped views of confirmed fraud rings or explore your way by importing custom data, exposing relationships between users, and exporting insights for seamless reporting.

Proactively stop hard-to-catch fraud in its tracks with Persona

Oftentimes, businesses take a reactive approach or don’t think about fraud until it becomes an issue. This is a risky gamble, as once bad actors spot a vulnerability, they aim to inflict as much damage as they can before you’re able to recover.

With Graph, you can take a more proactive approach and better mitigate large-scale fraud attacks. As David Kim, Compliance Manager at nWay puts it, “It's not enough to retroactively examine fraud patterns after the damage has already been done. The biggest advantage of Graph tool is that we can proactively block fraud incidents before they happen with automated decisioning. So we're going from reactive to proactive. And from a compliance perspective, that’s a home run.”

At Persona, we believe investigating and mitigating fraud shouldn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. If you’re interested in taking your fraud-fighting efforts to the next level without all the hassle, learn how nWay was able to reduce chargebacks by 80% with Graph and Persona KYC, or contact us, and we’d love to show you a demo and chat about your needs.

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